Why developers use Linux? 25 reasons


Why developers use Linux? 25 reasons   

Linux is one of the powerful platforms that developers are characterized as using to complete projects. as a workable system, Linux offers varied advantages and operational benefits and it is these aspects that endear the platform to many developers. The reasons that stamp the use of Linux among developers include:

Learning a lot on source code

The capacity to learn is unending on the Linux platform since users get to study and breakdown the source code and thereby learn some specific aspects and inputs.

Not vulnerable to viruses

A major advantage of the Linux system is that it is not vulnerable to viruses which protects the work and progress made on projects from malicious files that corrupt the system.

Effective program testing

With Linux, a developer can structure program testing at an advanced stage to ensure workability and the building of perfect systems.

Different GUI Gnomes

The beauty of different GUI Gnomes is that a developer gets to have wide options that aid in creative structuring of solutions.

It is faster

Linux is one of the fastest platforms that a developer can use due to its effective command lines and operational effectiveness.

Bundled languages

Arguably the major plus that Linux has, programming languages come bundled where a developer gets languages like Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby among others.

Text processing commands

A major advantage of Linux as the choice platform for developers is the ability given to users to structure text processing commands that make operation easier on the systems.

Support for debugging

When it comes to debugging the system, there is varied support options that enable a user effectively handle the process and this is the major plus that leads developers to utilize Linux as the choice platform.

Building binaries

With Linux, it is possible to build binaries and structure them to fit the project at hand and this is a workable medium that developers love to have.

Command line package

The beauty of a command line package is that it enables a developer install and customize the platform to a version of choice and this is what users admire about Linux.

Easy installation of libraries

Libraries are the playground for a developer and a platform that offers an easy installation of the same is always a plus to developers which is exactly what Linux delivers to its users.

Easy to integrate low level stuff

When integrating low level stuff, developers desire to have a platform that will adjust to the needs seamlessly and Linux is the worthy option as it offers an easy way to integrate the same aspects.

Linux APIs are cleaner

Most platforms lack clean APIs that a developer can take advantage of when handling a project and Linux serves as the best option at having cleaner APIs that deliver the desired medium of operation.

Possible to structure shell scripting

Shell-scripting is a major aspect for developers and Linux serves as the best platform when it comes to structuring the same ensuring a workable setting.


Linux is flexible and this is a major plus for developers who target having a platform that they can customize and optimize to serve specific purposes according to the need at hand.

Compatible with hardware

Varied hardware options especially those of the past years are not compatible with the other platforms but Linux runs on the same seamlessly making it a compatible program with multiple benefits.

Possible to modify source code

The developers that have faced difficulty in finding the compatible software for platforms can enjoy the working of Linux since it offers a possibility to modify source code to ensure varied software run seamlessly.

It is free

With Linux being a free platform, it offers a developer the chance to have a secure, workable and user friendly platform to work with at absolutely no cost.

Varied software choices

An advantage of having Linux as the choice platform for a developer are the varied software choices available and the overall ability to create and manage projects.

Possible to customize OS

A particular benefit that developers look forward to with Linux is the ability and possibility of being able to customize the OS to suit specific angles of operation.

No Spyware threats

When using Linux, the spyware threats that are experienced on other platforms are a forgotten factor which makes it a full proof system.

Online community support

The beauty of utilizing Linux is that there is plenty of support from the online community which ensures that any problem or difficulty in operation is handled by the other developers experienced in handling the system.

It is secure

There is no secure system that beats the workability of Linux since it is structured to be impenetrable when it comes to software and online attacks that look to crash the system.

Has distribution maintainers

Platforms with the capacity to be distribution maintainers are very rare in the world of developers and Linux serves as the best choice for the same.

Effective on file servers, backups and firewall systems

Linux is an effective platform for use on file servers, backups and firewall systems since it is practically immune to malware attacks making it stable and dependable.