Why Developers use Mac? 25 Reasons


Why Developers use Mac? 25 Reasons   

Apple is one of the most outstanding tech companies; virtually all millennials are aware of, own, or aspire to own one of its products. The high cost of Apple products is a non-issue for many, and the company has been registering progress with no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Most hardcore developers are fond of Macs while the rest prefer using Linux based systems with only a few using Windows PCs. Below are 25 reasons why this is so.


Developers are ever concerned about safety since some of the projects they undertake are extremely delicate. In this light, most of them use Macs which are less affected by viruses compared to Windows PCs.

Superior build quality

The Apple brand is synonymous with superior quality and developers value quality since it gives them confidence that their work is exposed to minimal risks due to hardware malfunctions.


A byproduct of excellent build quality, Macs are more durable and often outlive competing brands by two years or more.


Macs are sturdy, and they can take a beating and performance abuse better than most other PCs which is something developers greatly appreciate.


Macs are ever reliable, and reliability means a lot to a developer: nothing is more embarrassing than a PC malfunctioning during a demo.

Easy to use

All Apple products are straightforward and have an excellent user interface that makes it easy for anyone to use.

High performance

Macs often have better performance compared to competing brands and good performance is high on the list for many developers regarding ideal PC attributes.

Superior support

Macs come with great support which gives buyers more purchasing confidence since any arising issue will be dealt with promptly.

Built with premium materials

All it takes to ascertain the premium nature of the materials that make a Mac is to simply hold the PC.

Fantastic trackpad

Compared to trackpads in other PCs in the market, Mac trackpads win hands down and serious developers are fond of going for the very best.

Visually stimulating

Macs are visually appealing, and they feel great to the touch. Everyone, including developers, appreciate the extra effort Apple make to make their products aesthetic masterpieces.

Macs make a statement

Macs make a resounding statement. For the majority of industry players, nothing screams ‘I am a serious developer’ more than using a Mac.


Macs are simple and engineered to offer exemplary service with minimal complications.

Excellent displays

Mac displays, just like Mac trackpads, are the best there is which gives developers an upper hand when tweaking graphic aspects relating to undertaken projects.

Good battery life

Macs have a battery life that blows most competitors out of the water with the closest competitor being Chromebook.

Ideal for 3D animation

Most 3D animators and animation studios such as Disney and Pixar use Macs since their screens are far superior.

Macs are excellent for specialized tasks

Software development includes various specialized functions and Macs are better at tackling such demands compared to other PCs.


Apple, as a company, is cultured and to many, it is a true representation of the American dream. Many people, including developers, are attracted to Apple products not only for their quality but also for the culture and history they represent.

Targeted advertising

Apple has invested a lot in niche advertising which has led to many developers gravitating towards Macs.

Peer pressure

With most developers in the industry using Macs, newbies feel the pressure to conform which usually ends up being the case.

Size and weight

Smaller size and weight are enticing computer attributes to a developer and Macs capture both making them even more appealing to the majority of developers.

Quality third party software

Mac third party software are developed by a lesser number of experts who have to adhere to strict guidelines. The results are better quality software that is in line with what Apple as a brand represents.

Free operating system upgrades

Though unlikely to continue for an extended period, major Apple operating system releases are offered free of charge to Mac users.

Brand loyalty

Most developers are iPhone or iPad users, which pushes them into buying Macs due to compatibility concerns. Moreover, most people tend to stick to Apple products once they start using them.

Quality stock software

A Mac comes with quality stock software such as iTunes, Maps, iMovie, etc., which makes it useful out of the box; something that all buyers treasure.

Apple products, for a long time now, have been the preferred option for developers and computer users who treasure exceptional quality, reliability, and efficiency. If you are a developer looking to invest in quality tools of trade, a Mac is hard to beat.