Different types of lawyers – The top 25 law practices


Different types of lawyers – The top 25 law practices       

Law is a wide field and the lawyers that practice within the varied fields are also expertly oriented for the same which makes them special niches of operation. The different law practices define the different classes of lawyers and the top 25 practices that also govern the existence of the different lawyers include:

Intellectual Property Law

IP law is one of the standout law practices especially with the digital world bringing with it a lot of innovation that needs the experience and technical ability of Intellectual Property lawyers.

Corporate law

Corporate lawyers are very important to the large corporations and companies that seek to understand their legal obligations coupled with the regulations that have to be met to ensure the operations are streamlined.

Criminal law

Crime and litigations in the civil courts require the expertise and legal guidance of criminal lawyers who have the experience needed in handling criminal cases from mentioning through to sentencing.

Business law

Handling collections, incorporation proceedings and contract negotiations within the business world is a demanding task and that is why business lawyers come in handy to assist with drafting and filing of the necessary documentations.

Property law

Property lawyers are charged with handling landlord-tenant documentations and foreclosures that touch on assets and their expertise comes in handy in deciding the point of action.

Consumer rights

Consumer law is an important niche as it covers individuals against false advertisements, unhealthy products and malpractice that endanger the health of consumers.

Copyright law

Copyright lawyers are very instrumental when it comes to prosecuting infringements on copyrights and the drafting of licensing agreements that cover the same to ensure business operations are extended.

Family law

When it comes to family law, lawyers in the field are charged with handling proceedings that determine the best practices in adoption, legal separation and other family matters.

Civil rights law

With civil rights lawyers, their mandate rests with handling and advising on cases that touch on discrimination, liberties and overall disregard of human rights.

Labor law

Labor laws protect the employees and their unions when it comes to representation in negotiations with the employers including their benefits, minimum wages and entitlements at the work environment.

Maritime law

Lawyers in the maritime law niche are responsible for negotiating and filing for damages on vessels, spillages, settlement for open water accidents and advising on the maritime conducts.

Native American Law

Lawyers that practice native American law represent individuals who would like to use or work on reservation lands, utilize reserved resources, structure designation or require their native tribe or community to be recognized.

Franchise law

Businesses looking to franchise and get more businesses from branching out can target franchise lawyers to aid in drafting the franchise agreements and negotiations.

Medical malpractice

Patients who are misdiagnosed and given a wrong medical interpretation or treatment can call onto medical malpractice law for compensation and protection.

Personal injury law

Personal injury is a field of law that covers employees in industries and companies who require compensation owing to injuries sustained in the working places. The respective lawyers handle negotiations and prosecuting when the need arises.

Environmental law

Lawyers practicing environmental law deal with cases concerning pollution including the destruction of natural resources and the endangered flora and fauna.

Immigration law

Immigration lawyers are revered and highly appreciated with their efforts in advising immigrants when it comes to documentations, applying for citizenship, Visa applications and deportation cases.

Internet law

Individuals advertising on the digital platform require the protection of internet law to operate seamlessly and get relative ROI and this is where internet lawyers come into play.

Insurance law

Lawyers in the insurance field are instrumental in aiding victims get their insurance compensation through representation in proving the suffering of damages.

Entertainment law

The role that entertainment lawyers have is negotiate contracts for artists including securing and prosecuting infringement against original pieces of artistry and entertainment.

Debt and bankruptcy

The economy can be difficult on some individuals and companies and this is why debt and bankruptcy lawyers are present to advice and offer representation when it comes to filing for bankruptcy and debt recovery, distribution and settlement.

International law

Lawyers covering international law deal with cases concerning human rights, responsibilities towards humanity and the conduct that countries should have towards visitors and asylum seekers.

Tax law

The laws on taxation and the obligations that one has including any cases against the tax authorities are better handled and explained by a tax lawyer who is experienced in the same.

Military law

Lawyers in the military law niche are experienced when it comes veteran benefits and military law.

Employment law

Employment law covers issues that touch on compensation, harassment, safety, termination employee rights and benefits.

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