Why Digital Marketers Should Watch Anime? 15 Reason


Why Digital Marketers Should Watch Anime? 15 Reasons     

Anime showcases one of the elite entertainment alternatives Japan has to offer, and with millions of fans around the world, it no doubt strikes a chord with many. Throw in the remaining millions of fans who adore anime based video games, and the community surrounding this throbbing form of entertainment swells into the billions. But, should marketers bother? To answer that, here are 15 reasons why marketers should watch anime.

Many people love anime

An audience base swelling into the millions is every marketer’s dream and watching anime is the pathway to joining and commencing an exciting networking campaign into such brimming resource. You will get insights and insider knowledge on what excites millions of people effectively adding handy tricks to your marketing toolbox.

Join a throbbing community

The desire to belong and be part of something is inherent in all people and watching anime is the passcode to link up with millions of fans who will not care about anything else other than that you share a fascinating pastime activity. From a marketing perspective, you will get a potent icebreaker.

They are fun

Nothing captures the attention of millions without either being lots of fun or solving a core problem. Anime falls into both categories: it will cure your boredom with regard to the latter by activating a fun watching experience that will be a welcome relief in the midst of sometimes mundane and repetitive marketing activities.

Most of them are funny

Of course, anime themes differ, but most come bundled with enough firepower to tickle even the most frigid sense of humor. If you are inclined towards content that packs a good punch of humor, anime definitely has something for you.

Witness the efficacy of creativity

The open-ended nature of anime means more freedom for developers to express their creative edge. The only way to enjoy this spirited commitment to uninhibited creativity is by joining the band wagon and while at it, you are bound to soak up a few tips that can also propel your marketing creativity.

Branding lessons

One of the most celebrated aspects of anime is the excellent character development which ties together neatly with the principles of proper and effective branding. If you watch with an inquisitive mindset, you can pick up useful tips that can enhance your branding skills.

Refined aesthetics

A big part of marketing is beauty and alluring aesthetics and anime has taken advantage of this fact to impel its popularity. It is a lesson you can borrow by curating some of the thematic visuals therein and applying them to your endeavors appropriately.

Departure from the status quo

Anime are full of takeaways on how you can successfully depart from the status quo with minimal risk. If only you remain inquisitive with the goal of learning, you will pick up cues on how you can leverage unseemly fantasy, radical visuals, improper effects among other things to stand out in a crowded digital space.

Great story lines

Compelling stories are not only an old and very effective form of escapism, but they also drive sales quite superbly. Anime make this truth even more evident, and you can draw a few storyline ideas from them that can increase the dynamism of your marketing.


Variety sells because it empowers the customer to select objects of best fit and anime are an excellent example of how impactful variety can be in the marketing process. Bear this truth in mind as you browse through hundreds of anime series to find the perfect one.

Brand loyalty

When it comes to brand loyalty, anime takes the day. Some titles, such as Pokemon, have been around for decades and they presently continue to gather a bigger fan base. Thus, regarding generating a dedicated following, there is a lot a marketer can learn from anime.

Learn new things

An open mindset and the ability to embody other people’s points of view are a marketer’s greatest assets, and anime actualize an environment that makes both possible. You will get insight into what attracts and enthralls millions of people while also discovering delightful nuggets of information on Japanese culture.

Get inspired

Though often an escapist channel into worlds of fantasy, most anime storylines have active elements of weak characters who through determination get to fantastic points of triumph. On your off days, a dose of anime can deliver the much-needed channel of decompression and a shot of inspiration.

Enjoy quick fixes

Anime episodes usually last between fifteen and twenty minutes which means that you can sneak in an episode or two during your break periods on challenging days to relax and revamp your concentration and strength levels to perform better.

Appropriate for all ages

Anime is suitable for all ages hence, you can watch it anywhere and with anyone. It is, therefore, an excellent family, or friend bonding activity that is both delightsome and recreationally sound for marketers as well as other professionals.

The bottom line for watching anime regardless of your profession is that it is lots of fun. If you have not tried it yet – give it a try: you have nothing to lose and a lot more than the benefits discussed above to gain.

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