Digital marketing in China; 15 things you need to know


Digital marketing in China; 15 things you need to know

Before embarking on digital marketing in China, crucial evaluations have to be considered. The digital world is largely a product of the innovations made in China which means tapping into the market requires a steady and tactical approach. The key to achieving success with digital marketing in China is to understand these 15 things.

Keyword research is key

A successful digital marketing campaign in China can only be realized when effective keyword research has been done to internalize what the target audience needs.

Hire a Mandarin AdWords specialist

It is only through the guidance of a Mandarin AdWords specialist that you will be able to put together a targeted marketing campaign that will focus on the key demo and deliver traffic that leads to conversions.

Localized Micro-sites are important

When targeting the consumer market in China, blending in is the key and localized micro-sites will help you achieve the same seamlessly and guarantee an effective campaign.

Researching sources of traffic

With China having a large demographic with digital access, it becomes important to identify the sources of traffic to aid in decision-making on the approach to be used in the advertising process.

Baidu and Qihoo differ with Google

The algorithms that govern the working of Baidu and Qihoo among other engines in China have a variation to that of Google. Search Engine Optimization should thus be done according to the local setting.

Content heavy websites work

Unlike the other markets where consumers are characterized as having the desire to scan through content, the China consumer market values content heavy websites and landing pages so it is important to invest in the same.

A consumer persona is fundamental

The key to tapping the consumer market in China is creating a consumer persona that will inform decision-making and aid in structuring the marketing campaigns.

Keyword bidding is crucial

As much as you may not be conversant with the keywords, finding a specialist is important since it will be the key to keyword bidding which is a significant element when it comes to structuring a digital marketing campaign.

Handheld devices are king

China is holds the consumer market that has varied options when it comes to handheld devices that can be used in browsing and purchasing of goods and services. Optimizing for handheld devices is important if you are to have a successful digital marketing campaign.

Utilizing social platforms

China has huge social platforms that connect people and businesses and a successful digital marketing campaign must be able to tap into the social platforms.

Communication and feedback is crucial

Keeping contact with the potential clients and ensuring that you give them a reason to engage is important to a marketing campaign as it is what builds the authenticity of a brand.

Monitoring click fraud

With many websites looking to tap into the consumer market, click fraud is prevalent and with China having an extensive digital presence, monitoring click fraud can aid you stay on course with the marketing campaign.

Concentrate on visitor numbers

In China, visitors to a website contribute to the marketing of a brand which also builds relevance and authenticity. Ensuring you have more visitors will therefore lead to enhanced traffic which consequently means improved conversion rates.

Create a bridge between client and brand

The consumer market in China values a brand that they can connect with and this is what improves traffic and click through rates.

Make use of paid and organic search options

With a large market to service, ensuring you are able to make use of both paid and organic search options will enhance the numbers as far as traffic to your site and landing pages is concerned.