Doing Fun Things & Spontaneity This Weekend


It’s easter weekend.  Which means I sort of have off.  There’s a lot of PPC related client side things I need to do.  But that’s every weekend.  I should be a bit more proactive this weekend, but if I accomplish my two goals… taxes and renewing the password by Monday.  I’d consider this highly successful for a weekend.

I caught up with Dare Devil and Kenshin.  Two great series.  I enjoy Kenshin as much as I did when I first watched it in middle school.  I don’t think my fondness for the series will ever go away.  Although, I don’t remember the third season being so bad.

Getting loans isn’t that fun, but I’ll try to push through.  I’m going to work on my linkedin and this website.  As you may have noticed the font is better to read then before.  The images are still wacky, but that’s not a problem I can pay to have fixed.  And while the fonts aren’t perfect.. they are a lot better than before.  It only took $100 to fix.  Well worth the investment .  It would have took me much longer and annoyed me like crazy.

I also added a new app to the github.  Which is nice.  Now I have three repositories which are public and another two which are private.  Yeah for having things.  Which reminds me I have to update my behance.  time… is never on your side.

Anyways.  This weekend will be eventful as every weekend turns out to be.  I’m ready for a lazy weekend.  It’s really my fault.  I’ve procrastinated a lot lately.  However, I have a renewed sense of hunger.  It’s nice.  My boredom is very low right now.  There’s a lot of things I want to accomplish and I’m inspired to get them done.  One of which is to make this website and the corresponding social media as strong as it can be.  Clearly I have other goals.  But you have to start somewhere.  There’s nothing like a good rival to renew your sense of urgency.