Why Donald Trump is good for Immigrant Attorneys in Houston


Why Donald Trump is good for Immigrant Attorneys in Houston 

Pew Research Centre estimates 1.65 million illegal Hispanics live in Texas, as at 2014. These immigrants account for a 6.1% share of the population and an 8.5% share of the job market. 71% of these immigrants are Mexicans.

Even more shocking,

•  2014 Pew estimates indicate a 3.5% immigrant population; equivalent to 11.1 million immigrants.

•  Over 8 million unauthorized immigrants are part of the U.S. civilian workforce, representing 5% of those unemployed or seeking jobs. This figure is a slight decline from 2009 (5.2%) and 2007 (5.4%).

•  The number of unauthorized immigrants from other countries apart from Mexico grew by 325,000 between 2009 and 2014. Mexicans make up 52% of the illegal immigrants.

•   Six states: Texas, California, Florida, New Jersey, New York and Illinois- account for 59% of unauthorized immigrants in U.S.

•  14% of Hispanics are counting ten plus years as ‘citizens’ since they first settled.

These figures are on the decline since 2014, although a decreasing Mexican immigrant population is still being upset by immigrants from other countries. Given the tense atmosphere that precedes the presidential elections, these figures are further decline; or soon will be.

So, what does this mean for Immigrant Attorneys in Houston?

Following due process, deportation of illegal immigrants requires significant resources for document processing and hiring human resources- lawyers, judges, and prosecutors. While the thought of immigrant deportation may not excite some, the sheer scale of the program means a steady paycheck for the Immigrant attorneys.

For starters, here are the three most notable roles of Immigrant Attorneys

1.  Immigration Attorneys help a non-citizen to settle in another country.

Obtaining the requisite documents for citizenship in a new country is the first step- but it’s not necessarily the easiest step. These lawyers are a good link between the individual seeking citizenship and the legalities involved in the foreign country.

2.  Legal defense against deportation.

Immigration attorneys are available all across Texas; and they are pretty good at what they do, delivering a winning case to persuade the Jury to give a more fair ruling far from deportation.

3.  Obtaining a work visa

Immigration attorneys provide legal counsel for one seeking to get a work visa in another country for a period.

Individuals trying to obtain citizenship through naturalization may find these attorneys useful in;

•  Taking the various citizenship tests.

•  Acquire immediate access to citizenship during emergency situations.

•   Client’s representation in court.

•  Obtaining documents for starting a business venture in a foreign country.

Unauthorized immigrants are yet to come to terms with a Trump presidency. These immigrants could find immigrant attorneys quite useful before Mr. Trump makes good, his promise to build a “big beautiful impenetrable wall.”

One possible route that most immigrants are likely to use is to settle in a different country other than their host country. Since most of them are probably running from harsh conditions back at home; the first agenda would be to get legal documents, a suitable area to settle and to start a business- all who might call for the services of an immigrant lawyer.

Houston- The “welcoming city.”

Houston is an internationally diverse metropolitan area– and the immigrants stream in a lot too. Since 2000, the illegal immigration rate is more than double the national rate. Also known to be the deportation capital of the U.S., Houston Sheriffs scan for undocumented immigrants and detain them awaiting deportation.

It comes as no surprise then that Houston has no major race or ethnic group, with 40% non-Hispanic whites and 36% Latinos. A massive deportation of all the illegal immigrants may be an economic blow to Houstonians. New businesses by the foreign-born community inject $116.5 billion to Houston’s 2014 GDP and much more in preceding financial years.

Governor Greg Abbott’s remarks on banning “sanctuary cities” coupled with the immigration reforms likely to get Congress approval are least favorable to Houstonians… or maybe not? Here are a few Houston facts.

•  Houston admits more refugees than any other area in the U.S. This drains a significant amount of resources that would otherwise benefit the residents.

•  Harris County has the highest spending on immigration enforcement, compared to other areas of the U.S.

•  Unemployed immigrants are easily lured into a life of crime, concentrating in dangerous neighborhoods of crime.

Houstonians, however, feel that they fully embrace the cultural diversity and the proposed reforms are likely to leave Houston anything but welcoming. It’s clear to see how this plays out; there will be losers and winners.

Immigration attorneys will need to negotiate the best way they know how- In court. Best case scenario, lucky immigrants will successfully apply for legal documents to allow them to stay in the U.S.; or worst case scenario- to ensure that the country of deportation offers the best humane conditions and compensation, where immigrants can comfortably start over.