Why Donald Trump is good for Marketers in Houston


Why Donald Trump is good for Marketers in Houston 

Mr. Trump has his fair share of loyal critics. And his fair share of business ingenuity too. He has commanded respect among the elite business class. His experience in exploiting opportunities and online network marketing is unrivaled- and the marketers love it.

In his book, ‘The Art of the Deal, ‘ he lays out a typical Trump day, his organizational schedule and impeccable time management. He challenges conventional thinking and plays hardball when it comes to the deal maker’s art. His larger than life persona and charisma makes him a darling for many Americans. You still haven’t a firm conviction?

Here’s why Donald Trump is good for marketers in Houston.

Bruce Bittles, a chief investment strategist at Baird, predicts that with the Trump evolution, we are most likely going to experience a transition from a focus on growth to the more dynamic free economy. The results- A vibrant startup trend and increased marketing activity. Ultimately, this is a much-needed boost to an already stagnating economy.

CNBC reports most U.S equities closed higher on Friday 11, with the stock market recovering from chills of an unprecedented Trump win. But it’s here, and the Americans have to embrace the possibilities. The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit an all-time high, barely hours after the Trump victory; the U.S stock market is even more vicious with excitement, exploring the opportunities that may come with the heightened economic anxiety.

So what does the stock market have to do with marketing?

The stock market brings together buyers and sellers of different listed companies; marketing plays a vital role in ensuring that popularity of stocks is at a favorable high and an economical low stock price. Marketing is the link between great products and great consumers. Does this mean then, that marketers in Houston share the same sentiments?

The fever is just spreading, and they better start getting warmed up. Here are three reasons why:

•  Marketing budgets account for one of the highest financial expenditure in any economy. Financial sector reforms will see less stringent regulations governing borrowing from banks. Easier and more convenient banking will eventually lead to increased marketing activities.

•  Mr. Trump’s victory speech reassured Americans of good leadership that will give better policies, better healthcare, and a better business climate- for all Americans. His managerial experience means he is likely to appoint an experienced team to head crucial pillars of the economy. What more could one ask?

•  Mr. Donald Trump is a brand in his right. His vast connections cut across the business world; from Dubai to the U.K. His mastery at cutting business deals makes his name good for his business- and American business too.

It’s no doubt that Mr. Trump is a revolutionary. And his spontaneity complemented by the occasional buzz he creates on social media makes him a brand, and a marketing guru many emulate. Here are a few marketing tips you can borrow from the president-elect.

1.  Pursue lost or forgotten clients

In his election campaigns, Donald Trump appealed to a group of citizens long forgotten- the small business owners and the residents without college degrees- promising to bring back the jobs lost to a failed economic system. Good marketers strike a balance between maintaining existing clients while pursuing others.

2.  Come up with a catchy business slogan

It’s sad enough that America is swimming deep in debt; $17.8 trillion, and it’s drowning. How reassuring is it, to “Make America Great Again?” Most Americans who lost jobs during the economic depression can relate to the situation at hand.

3.  Build more enthusiasm

A good following on Twitter, just a little shy of sixteen million and a knack for tweeting is just sufficient to sell your brand and create more excitement with your product users, ask Mr. Trump and he’ll tell you. Online media can help build up great spirited campaigns around a brand and consequently breed loyalty.

4.  Give consumers a job

Mr. Trump always insisted that his was not a campaign, but a movement, that upholds the American culture. It needs everyone to participate- to Make America Great Again. Interacting with your clients as part of your marketing strategy is a crafty tactic that will convert them from potential to loyal customers.

5.  Close the sale

At the height of tensions over a possible Trump presidency, the cards were all laid out, and Mr. Trump was ready to close the deal. His confidence at forecasting a win over Clinton was him closing the sale. His victory did not come as a big surprise to the few that wanted the much-needed change.

In Conclusion,

The president-elect may be new to the shiny nuclear codes, but he’s no new to the business scene. Now that the American economy is swimming in murky waters of an uncertain economic future, his election to the presidency is timely.