Why Donald Trump is good for Patent Attorneys in Houston


Why Donald Trump is good for Patent Attorneys in Houston 

‘The Trump’ is a self-proclaimed genius of the 21st century. Thanks to the huge success of his book, The Art of the Deal, Donald Trump has over time established himself as a self-made. His past association with Intellectual Property Owners Association coupled with his superior negotiating and deal-making skills; It’s Just the perfect recipe for enhancing the ease of applying for patents in U.S and pretty good news to Houston Patent Attorneys.

4 Reasons Why Donald Trump is right for Business

•  John G. Trump, his uncle and a renown scientist and an inventor during the World War II. His success, thanks to his inventions of new radar technologies and high-powered lasers applicable in chemotherapy has earned him recognition in the scientific world and the U.S. ruling class.

•   Trump understands how to commercialize and license IP assets. His experience in Real estate, entertainment, and consumer products is invaluable. It’s a likely predicament of increased IP registration within the first few months of the Trump administration.

•  Trump has openly criticized the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement that is not for the American biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies; it is likely to hurt American workers.

•  Trump’s campaign website calls for remedies to trade disputes, where allegedly China steals American trade secrets.

Software Inventions make America Great!

America is arguably one of the most restrictive countries when it comes to patent eligibility. Increasing patent applications from Silicon Valley cushions the economy from other jobs in textile, automobiles and other industries that are shipped in from foreign countries.

China Stealing American IP

Infringement of American Intellectual Property rights by some companies based in China and other nations could see the IP laws give American preferential treatment over foreigners. The reforms could potentially conflict legally with some of the treaties such as The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) from which the U.S benefits. The PCT couldn’t possibly survive if the fundamental intellectual property rights offered to Americans are different from those granted to foreigners.

Need for IP Reforms

The exponential growth of technology used by mobile based multimedia has tested the limits of the Intellectual Property Laws. Exciting solutions to delivering products and service via mobile technology pushes for the copyright and patent laws to adapt.

Though some experts argue out that IP reforms are likely to hurt the U.S economy, there may be a silver lining. More business will come back home. More companies will test their limits to inventing groundbreaking inventions. Even more, Americans will live the American Dream.

Ultimately, investments in construction and design are essential ingredients for creating value; protecting this value is a focus of the reforms.

Tech Startups

Trump’s win, though not anticipated, drives ripples across the manufacturing industry, with offshore production in countries such as China, Taiwan, and other Asian countries. It’s fair to argue out that it will favor startups over tech giants.

Houston Startups that Scored Big in 2016

The low cost of living, diverse population and deep ties to energy and life sciences just to mention a few, drive the Houston economy.

4 Upcoming Houston Startups with success stories

•  Grammaropolis

Characterization and storytelling are the highlights of this app. Parts of speech, Nelson the noun and Vinny the action verb pop up as animated characters in books, videos, songs, and interactive games. Based in Houston, Grammaropolis has wooed individual investors into injecting $500,000.

•  Rebellion Photonics

Founders Allison Lami Sawyer and Robert Kester invented a technology that allows users to read chemical compositions of a scene in real time. Practical uses ranging from crime scenes and early detection of gas leaks have seen rebellion photonics win awards for innovative technologies.

•  Nurtured By Design

Creative ergonomic solutions by this startup work well with every hospitalized infant, complicated equipment or invasive procedures with zero side effects. The ‘hands’ cradle your baby while she’s hospitalized, allowing her maximum comfort. The ergonomic products complement the healthcare team.

•  Procyrion

This startup founded in 2005, has so far raised over $2 million in financing that goes into enhancing their invention, The Procyrion catheter that pulls fluid from the heart through minimally invasive procedure. Procyrion is the 2012 award winner of the prestigious Goradia Innovation Prize.

Patent reforms are timely in a time of economic uncertainty and the best news for patent attorneys. Perhaps what America needs in the wake of the economic depression.


On several occasions during his campaign, Mr. Trump reiterated the importance of the Intellectual Property reforms on the U.S economy. His criticism of some China Trade practices could mean an additional 2 million jobs in America if China enforces American IP laws.

Apart from these few clues that point to a brighter future for the economy, some companies still approach it with skepticism. One thing is sure, though, Donald Trump is skillful in the art of cutting deals, and he’s likely to approach this with business in mind.