Why Donald Trump is good for Real Estate


Why Donald Trump is good for Real Estate 

The month of October saw property sales in Houston stagnate for the market high and low-end properties while homes priced between $150, 000 and $500,000 saw a positive trend in sales. Single-family homes sales in October totaled 5,916 units compared to 5,893 units the year earlier, according to an October Monthly Market Comparison by Houston Association of REALTORS®.

Part of this stagnation is due to the anxiety created by the presidential polls. Trulia.comcurrently lists 9,246 homes for sale in Houston, with an average price of $412,272 and a median rent per month of $1,600. The trend further indicates a 6% rise in the listing price and 0% increase in rent per month.

Now that Mr. Trump is president, he is likely to sweeten the deal even more. The trump movement may bring with it tax reforms and even lesser tax brackets. Theoretically, this should leave the citizens with more capital to invest in real estate; so this is one of the likely outcomes.

Investment in the luxury market could as well turn very lucrative if we are to go with the standards that the Trump Organization sets in the world property market. Although Mr. Trump’s policies on reforms are too vague to draw a conclusion, you can bet that he has his eyes focused on infrastructure improvement, including real estate.

Mr. Lawrence Yun, a contributor to the Forbes magazine, expresses an optimist view of the series of reforms.

•  It’s highly likely that the new administration will offer short-term stimulus to the economy in the form of tax cuts and improved government spending on infrastructure. The increased vibrancy will see more jobs reclaimed, more taxes collected and more spending on real estate.

•  Community colleges might receive more support from the government to train more skilled workers, to work as masons, welders, plumbers, bricklayers, and electricians- all who are necessary for quality real estate.

•  There could be less regulatory land-use and zoning which restricts home construction; considerably reducing the construction costs of hiring technical skills and purchasing lumber, cement and other building components.

•  Reforms of the Dodd-Frank Financial Act could potentially boost the industry by allowing more banks to give affordable loans. The financial reforms should translate to even more affordable housing.

•  The stock market will continue being optimistic in an uncertain future. Successful economic reforms are good for business- there will be more risk taking, and the stock market thrives on the fine line between risks and potential gains.

Ultimately, a Trump Administration is just what America needs for the ailing property market to redeem lost glory.

Five Trump Resorts that are Celebrities Favorites


Towering 55 stories in a beautiful neighborhood in Manhattan, you can get breathtaking views from the balconies, with a magnificent view of the garden park. The intricate mahogany and marble surfaces that adorn the lobby ooze of class and elegance. Luxury services which come with premium membership include an indoor parking garage, premier health club, and a storage space.


The world famous 1927 palm beach-style Mar-a-Lago is a former estate of heiress Marjorie Merriweather, currently held by Donald J. Trump. It’s now an exclusive playground for Hollywood celebrities, given its location on Ocean Boulevard. The meticulous restoration of the carved coral architectural details and manicured lawn bring out a Spanish style all through the interior and exterior finishes.


The panoramic views of the 18-hole Trump National Golf Club, the Pacific Ocean, and the Catalina Island are appealing, and the luxurious services offered give the guests ample play time whenever they are active as well as maximum views that are timeless.


This 92 story building towering above Michigan Avenue and the Chicago River is one of the tallest residential buildings in the world. The trademark glass exterior of the Trump building is the highlight of Chicago’s skyline. 339 five-star guestrooms are the selling point; hotel condominium suites also come in different sizes. It boasts of close to 1,000 indoor parking spaces, a conference center, elegant ballrooms and a world-class health club and spa.


A golden curtain wall façade features on this 75 story Trump Tower, offering unrivaled views of Mumbai’s skyline. Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) Studio, Singapore, designs the Residences. The residents here are privy to a host of benefits, inclusive of a private jet at their disposal, exclusive access to an elite white glove service; world class gym provisions and health benefits.

Just to mention a few.

In conclusion,

It’s not difficult to draw out a prediction curve on how Real Estate will morph out within the next few months of a Trump presidency. But going by the world standards, Mr. Trump is accustomed to; It’s easy to conclude that the graph for housing unit sales is heading north in the long run.