Donald Trump’s Immigration policy will affect Chinese students


Donald Trump’s Immigration policy will affect Chinese students

The immigration policies proposed by president elect Donald Trump have been talked about and their effects evaluated by experts across different disciplines. However, the greatest factor to consider is the impact the proposed policies will have on varied parties mostly foreign students who are studying in the U.S. In this, we look at the impact the proposed immigration policies will affect the Chinese students in the U.S.

Enhanced opportunities for scholarship

President elect Donald Trump has proposed that the immigration guidelines and prerequisites are tightened to ensure that only he deserving students are given the chance to study in the U.S. This should be a welcome opportunity for Chinese students since it will ensure enhanced opportunities for scholarships for the deserving students.

Increased job prospects

Chinese students have always faced a harder time in finding jobs after study but the chance in the immigration policies concerning the H 1B VISA will allow more students to trace jobs after the conclusion of studies thereby giving more opportunities.

Ease of navigation of college admissions

When the immigration policies are amended, Chinese students will ultimately face an ease in the navigation of college admissions. Since Donald Trump has proposed that the government structures thorough vetting of all immigrants into the U.S, much of the screening will be handled by the authorities which will ensure students are given an easier time when enrolling to institutions.

Flexibility in policies for withdrawal from school

The VISA policies that govern the stay of a student in the U.S have always dictated that an individual leaves the U.S promptly if and when they withdraw from school due to security reasons. The enhanced scrutiny and proposed change in the policies will ultimately mean that Chinese students will have received the stamp of approval. This will ultimately mean some level of flexibility in the policies that govern a stay in the U.S for students that have withdrawn from their respective institutions.

Streamlined course selection and acceptance

With the current immigration policies in place, course selection and acceptance for Chinese students has been hard and marred with varied rejections owing to preset regulations. With Donald Trump looking to bring in productive workforce to aid the U.S industries, Chinese students are sure to get a streamlined process of course selection and acceptance that will see them get into the productive courses.

Balanced resource use

The proposed changes in the policies that guide immigrants to the U.S will see all foreign students treated equally and this represents a step in the right direction from the perspective of Chinese students since it will mean balanced resource use and distribution for all. All students will have equal opportunities and assistance when it comes to studies and potential benefits.

Ease in fitting in

Most Chinese students have found it hard to settle in when they arrive in the U.S since there are many prerequisites that have to be satisfied before they are formally accepted and given access to the basic and advanced amenities. The changes in the policies will ensure vetting and approval are done promptly which will ease the period in which a foreign student will be allowed access to the resources and amenities needed thereby allowing an easier time when settling in.

Fewer xenophobic cases

The loopholes in the immigration rules and regulations have led to institutions in the U.S having undeserving students which has also led to some cases of xenophobic targeting. The strictness proposed by Donald Trump will ultimately mean that students enrolled in the institutions are deserving which will significantly reduce the xenophobic cases.

DACA optimization

The stipulations inherent in DACA have been favorable for Chinese students who have opted to stay in the U.S after the completion of their studies in a bid to secure jobs. The proposed changes to the immigration laws will directly impact DACA through an optimization process that will see more opportunities open up for the highly qualified foreign students who have completed studies and wish to be productive in the U.S industry.

Enhanced VISA options

With the current system of immigration, foreign students have limited VISA options whereby there are restrictions when it comes to factors like the grace period afforded to a student after expiration of their student VISA. With Donald Trump looking to revive the U.S industries by having the competent work force within the U.S in order to compete with the rest of the world, Chinese students will be expose to enhanced VISA options to let them stay and work within the U.S.

Increased recruitment

Donald Trump has explicitly stated that he prefers having the immigrants that contribute to the U.S economy. The proposed changes to immigration policies will ultimately welcome the foreign students looking to get access to quality skillsets that will positively contribute to the growth of the U.S economy and Chinese students will surely enjoy increased opportunities for enrollment especially in the Tech and ICT fields.