Donald Trump’s Immigration Policy Will Affect Indian Developers


Donald Trump’s Immigration Policy Will Affect Indian Developers

With Trump coming into power, a lot is going to change if the president-elect’s proposed laws are anything to go by. Indian Developers have contributed to the economy in many ways and below are ways trumps immigration policies are likely to affect their operations.

Controlled visa spots

The quota for visas available to facilitate importation of developers from India is going to be controlled to only allow the genuine business people to get a chance to contribute to the U.S economy. The controlled Visa spots will also give deserving developers an opportunity to get additional approvals and incentives to invest.

Decreased demand for cheap developers

As companies adjust to the new labor importation policies, Indian developers will face an enhanced operational potential since the demand for cheap developers will decrease thereby giving the genuine and quality assured Indian Developers the chance to impact the U.S industry.

Developer companies will have to hire local talent

Indian developer companies in the U.S will be incentivized to hire local labor at standard rates since Trump is going to make the process of importing labor subject to more regulations. This will mean a reliance on the local manpower to run the development projects.

Reduced costs for Indian companies based in the U.S

With president elect Donald Trump focusing on “Making America Great Again” focus will be on lowering the costs of companies operating within the U.S to ensure they are competitive with others across the world. This will be a welcome factor for Indian Developers since costs of operation will be lowered.

Number of Indian developers working in the U.S will increase

The number of Indian developers in the U.S will increase with time since the duties and operational requirements will be streamlined. This will encourage industries and manufacturing companies to come back to the U.S to reduce costs as well as take advantage of subsidies that will be afforded to them when they move back and provide jobs for the U.S citizens.

Higher income for Indian developers

Indian developers in the U.S will be provided with projects on a level ground with other foreign and local developers with respect to the standard labor rules. This is a perfect situation for Indian Developers since it will mean they receive favorable compensation for their work.

No visa loopholes

One of the principal activities on the president elect’s agenda is to seal all immigration loopholes. This will mean that all unscrupulous businesses will face a hard time making their presence in the U.S. this is a positive aspect for Indian Developers since it will mean they get to be approved and to work effectively within the U.S without the previous misconceptions

Strict immigration process

Immigrants looking to work in the U.S have had some interesting operational factors that have influenced their stay in the United States and with a strict process to be put in place, the rules are bound to be tightened. This will be a positive turn for Indian developers as it will give them a way to get their immigration status approved since they will contribute to the American economy.

Better working conditions

There will be no discrimination against the Indian Developers if the proposed rules come into play since any developer within the U.S will have earned their approval to operate. This will ultimately mean that better working conditions will be available with respective to other foreign and local developers within the same industry.

Rapid advancement of the developer sector in India

Due to the advanced chances that will be made available under the banner of “Making America Great Again”, Indian Developers in the U.S will look to expand their trade as well as advance their local industry which will mean a massive improvement for the Developer sector in India.

Increased Partnerships

With companies looking to develop and enhance operations in the U.S owing to the incentives that will be provided by the U.S government, Indian Developers will ultimately be inclined to create partnerships that will increase operations as well a reduce the costs of operation which impact the Return on Investment.

Increased competition

Indian developers with the intention of working in the U.S will face more competition in the Industry with other foreign developers being given equal opportunities to impact the U.S market and create the right environment for success in making America great again.

Study opportunities for developers in the U.S

Indian citizens intending to study developer based courses in the U.S will face an easier time accessing the related opportunities since the policies on immigration will favor their stay. With Donald Trump insisting that immigrants will be evaluated on their value to the U.S, Indian Developers looking to learn the trade will be allowed the chance due to their potential benefit to the U.S economy.

Trumps laws have their positives and negatives. What’s for sure is that the immigration sector, in general, will face some upheavals before stabilizing and Indian developers will look forward to the prospects of being in the U.S especially after the fact that Trump commented that he intends to foster a closer relationship with India.