E-Sports, Startups, and Mentality



I’m a pretty big fan of e-sports.  I follow one LOL in particular Double Lift or Lift Lift.  He came from a traditional Chinese who literally disowned him because he wanted to play video games.  He believed in his talent enough to try to make it.  And he did.  He’s brand is worth a lot.  Probably at least close to a million.  And he plays video games.  I’ve seen most if not all his interviews, and it still surprises me how hungry he is to win.  He’s not like most video gamers… he has a simple goal, to be the best… I can appreciate that.

I grew up with video games.  My first video game was Pokemon Blue.  I eventually got Red and Yellow.  Gold and Silver and Crystal.  Crystal was by far my favorite from that generation.  I’ve played every single version and yes I own the special 3ds Pikachu XL…. which looks fantastic… but something I didn’t need since I already had the console.  I have multiples of most Pokemon games.  etc… etc..  What I loved about video games, is that after you beat it once… you can beat it again in much less time.  I have two copies of Bravery Default and most Zelda games… just so I can do this…. For Bravery Default… I have 6 save files.. and each game is a race to the finish.

Professional video gamers work 10 hours each day and some like Double Lift clock in 80 hours.  They live the video game to the point that it’s not all that fun.  Sort of like… startup life.  Startups are fun.  You get to dress casual, talk to clients, and are fairly independent.  There’s no managers or bosses…. And occasionally you work from home or another office (which is nice since it adds diversity).  There’s always way too much to do… and you are never ready or prepared for anything.  Even if you could prepare.. things change so fast… it’s not worth spending too much time preparing.

PPC is like a video game.  You do things… Wait… Do more things… Wait… And it’s multi-player.  You play against everyone else.  And there are winners and there are losers.  I can’t stand losing in PPC.  It’s rather skill intensive and simple mistakes can set you way way back…

AdWords Editor in particular, I treat as a video game.  It’s a way for me to complete change a campaign or account once I figure out the strategy.  I can then copy and past it across accounts and wait.  Eventually you get so  good at the mechanics.. everything is second nature… and it’s easy.  So easy.  The best part is the auction system.  And hitting your ROI.  I love it.  And like any video game, the competition changes to spice things up.  What more can I ask for?