Email Marketing For Your Business

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Email Marketing For Your Business

Email marketing is the use of email by a firm to develop and enhance relationships with potential clients. Businesses can also use Email marketing to promote their services and products by targeting potential customers. Email marketing allows you to keep your clients informed and tailor your marketing message to the clients. Numerous clients are using this method to target potential customers because of its many benefits.

Why You Need Email Marketing

  • You can personalize it

You can target a section of your customers and send them personalized emails. You can send a congratulatory message during a client’s graduation or offer some of your clients some goods for their birthdays. For instance, a fashion store can send an email to a client on their birthday and offer them 50% off on some clothes or shoes. This helps you to maintain relationships with your customers increasing your sales and the customer loyalty in the end.

  • It is affordable

Emailing is an inexpensive way to advertise your products compared to the use of some other marketing tools that can cost you an arm and a leg. It is also easy to track an email marketing campaign. You get to learn if you are getting value for your money. Additionally, if this method of marketing is not working for you, you can always pull it down and try another marketing technique which lets you save your money early enough.

  • Email reaches a larger group of clients

You might be tempted to believe that social media reaches more masses than email. However, the statistics show otherwise.  More than 4.9 billion people used email in 2017. Research shows that email marketing is a better marketing tool by almost 40 times compared to Twitter and Facebook. Think about it, every time you sign up for a website you have to give your email address. Most people also use their email address to create their social media accounts. Everyone who uses the web will most likely have an active email address thus if you want to connect with your online clients, there is no other method with a wider reach than email.

  • Email will deliver your message

If as a business you get a chance to choose between getting a new Facebook fan and adding a subscriber to your email list, choose the latter. This is because when you use an email, you deliver the message, to the intended recipient. Facebook, on the other hand, delivers your message to the person’s news feed, and yet Facebook limits the post appearing in a person’s news feed to drive traffic to their paid ads. Additionally, email subscribers subscribe to your website because they want to hear from you. This means they permitted you to send the emails and they are more likely to read the emails you send them.

  • Get more for doing less

Email marketing allows you to get more done with little work. If you choose to use an email-marketing provider, you can gain access to professionally designed templates. Very little work is required from your side to get your message across. Compared to other marketing methods, this is one of the easiest technique to market yourself. The templates help you get your message to the targeted audience and further ensures that the email looks professional when the potential client sees it.

  • Easy to measure

You can easily track what happens when you send out emails because the method provides essential metrics. It is easy to track delivery rates, click through rates, bounce rates, open rates, unsubscribe rates, and this makes you understand if your campaigns are working. You also get to know your customers and give them valuable content.

  • Has a high return on investment (ROI)

You can use email marketing to reach a huge number of your clients for less money. Most firms who also offer the service also charge a small fee. You also get to track the performance of the marketing method on your clients. If it is not working with a particular target market, you can stop it and try something different. It is advisable to hire someone who can manage the efforts of email marketing to allow you get more for even much less.

  • Promotes brand awareness

If you have the email address of a customer, it shows they have a level of interest in your product. Email marketing allows you to promote your brand by ensuring you are at your customers mind most of the time. This does not mean you send countless emails in a day to the client. In addition to trying to make a sale, you can also promote your brand in terms of the social responsibility activeness you are doing in the community.

  • Email marketing allows you to cross-sell to your customers

Cross-selling is selling additional products to clients with interest in buying one product. It often used in retail stores where small items are stacked on the shelves. You can also do this via email marketing by putting your subscribers on a list when they buy a product. This list will help you suggest to them related products they can buy that can help them while using the first product.

  • Keeps customers informed

If your business is launching a new product, your followers can get to know about it instantly. You can use emails to announce promotions, new products, or special giveaways allowing your leads, past customers, and prospects to stay in the know.  Your leads will stick with you as they can see that you keep them connected. This wins customer loyalty and translates to more sales.

Email marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to keep in touch with your customers. It builds relationships and allows you to sell your products. Guttulus offers you professional email marketing services at an affordable price. Contact us for the best digital marketing services in the industry.