Every Dream Requires Certain Sacrifices



Here are the things that take time and my decision whether I decided to continue with it.

Tutoring: This was a rewarding experience.  I’m grateful that St. John’s allowed me to tutor their students.  And I’m grateful for the Houston tutoring company I worked with to schedule sessions.  The time requirement was heavy and sporadic.  I choose not to continue… for now.

Volunteering: I volunteered at an animal shelter.  I love animals and it was a nice break from a stressful job.  The shifts were 4 hours, but many times I would do 2 in a row.  Essentially I would “donate” a day.  The schedule was flexible but the time requirement was heavy.  I choose not to continue… for now.

Lion YouTube: What can I say?  I love having this YouTube channel… but the time commitment is crazy.  And there isn’t much of a return.  I’ve decided to slowly (over the next few months) tone down the amount of content.  At some future point I’ll re-examine.

Cardboard Game: I’ve played this card game since I was in elementary school.  It’s not a hobby I take too seriously.  I spend a good deal of money but mostly because of my YouTube channel.  I choose not to spend as much time and only go to “pre-release” or “game day” events.  Every Friday is just too much time.

That’s it for now.  I think it’s a lot of sacrifices.  Not giving up convention going, video games, or graphic design.  I least I’m holding those out for as long as I can.