Why Every PPC Marketer Should Create Content?


Why Every PPC Marketer Should Create Content?   

Happy Thursday Y’all. I wanted to create a learn article about PPC content for some time. Ironically, I’ve been bogged down by creating content. When I joined my first startup, half the team was content writers “with a flair” for SEO. When 200 articles were needed every month, they’d produce 15 and blame it on the loudness of the office, research, and self-created distractions. I left the startup with the belief content creation was a waste of resources.

At the new agency, we started with 4 developers and 2 sales staff. In 210 days the sales staff had produced 1 customer who paid $1,500 ($1,250 going to Google). The other customers were friends of mine. Numerous sales meetings later, fancy brochures in hand we still had no real sales. Our then sales staff of 4 were all let go, producing exactly $250 of profit. At that point, I had to do sales. I also made a sizable investment in content creation. 

I followed a strict schedule. Every single day I produce 3 pieces of content. I promote these pieces on my social media: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I also produce 1 piece of video content everyday. The quality of the content is suspect, however I’m slowly getting better. Since I started this content creation strategy 90 days ago, traffic has tripled. And we have converted 2 new mid-sized clients. 

I 1099ed a content /social media manager to take over on 2 sister agency accounts, but that failed. I’m not a fan of micromanaging nor of people who don’t hit deadlines. With all that being said I highly recommend content creation or inbound marketing. Instead of finding clients who aren’t interested in your service… clients who are interested find you. The closing pitch is much easier when the client finds you. Below is an outline of my strategy. RunRex / CallDrive accounts aren’t developed and therefore don’t provide many leads. Guttulus provide about 10 leads a week. 

Every Day

1 Article about Marketing Trends (most recently Pokemon GO and how it can help local business)

1 Article about PPC / SEO 

1 Template for Startup Businesses / Discussion about Intellectual Property

1 Video about General Marketing

The above is sent to linkedin, twitter, youtube, website, and facebook. Repeated everyday and weekends. In the last 180 days my linkedin connections have increased from 1,000 to 22,000 and growing. This is directly attributed to content creation and daily postings. 

I already know what your rebuttal will be. I don’t have the time. I make the content in batches. In 1 hour I can film 7 videos which are spread throughout the week. In 3 hours I can produce 7 articles on the same issue (such as Pokemon Go). Producing 21 articles and 7 videos a week it takes roughly 10 hours. I bet you spend more than 10 hours a week trying to generate leads. With our “traditional” policy we spent 30 hours a week passing out pamphlets no one read and making cold phone calls. Each of our sales staff were paid 70K base with a 30% commission. Better 10 hours a week then paying a bloated sales staff. 

The other rebuttal is you are not good at content creation. No one is good at it. You get better with each article and video. Producing consistent content also creates interesting speaking opportunities. I spoke at the annual Houston Social Media event in June. I’m slated to speak at a startup conference in August and a Technology conference in September.