Extra Life Event & Saturdays


These are pretty fun.  The idea is that you raise money for charity and play video games for 24 hours.  It’s a lot of fun.  But this year I couldn’t do it.  It’s fun to have on the background to watch though.  I just returned from grabbing lunch with a friend and it’s already 4:10pm… ick.  Saturdays… the time seems to go a lot faster. Have to start Laundry and then go to the gym.  I’m hoping to at least record all the videos today.  A tall task given… the current time line.  Oh Saturdays… by far the least productive day even when I really try.

Last year I did an extra life event with some of my old college friends.  It was too much gaming.  It turns out I don’t really enjoy gaming all that much.  I like completing things but not gaming itself. If I start a game, I have to complete it.  And my goal is to complete it in the most optimized way possible.  Much like how I tackle marketing.  I view marketing as pretty much the same idea.  Complete the goal in a timely manner and optimize as you go along.

According to my schedule… I have to make the videos and upload them today.  Since I won’t have the time tomorrow.  Added pressure.  One of the most difficult things in marketing is producing content even if you don’t want to.  It’s continued learning that doesn’t ever stop.  I also have a SEO class I have to attend today.  Should be a fun lecture.. but with travel time and the actual class… another 2 hours.  I figure it’s probably better than watching scary movies.  I finish the USC 30 for 30 and a PBS documentary on NFL brain concussions.  Both were enjoyable.

I’ve always rather be too busy than not busy enough.  Right now I’m too busy and will be so until December 15th.  At that point I’ll take a breather.  I expect a massive uptick in productivity soon due to work at home… at least for a few weeks.

Plenty to do… and lots to figure out today.  Saturdays are the bane of my productivity.