Fall Out… Is Such A Good Game


I gave in.  I opened the wrapper on Fall Out.  The game is creative.  I stopped myself after 3 hours… which is good.  Due to my lack of productivity this morning… I’m in the same position I was in last Saturday.  I have to finish these blogs by 5pm.  hit the gym and then finish the videos for my two channels.  Upload and edit them.  And then do some proposal work.  Yeah fun times.  That clears tomorrow to work on my PPC accounts all day.  Which should suffice.  I mean it’s an entire Sunday.. by far my most productive day.  Every Sunday for the past dozen weeks have been dedicated to work.

I haven’t interacted with people… socially.. outside of clients and co-workers.  I don’t miss it that much.  The GF is out of town for a week so it’s just me in the house.  I went shopping today for food.  And briefly sat in bed trying to type this blog before playing Fall Out 4.  Fall Out 4 is a lot better than the previous version.  The story feels more coherent. I’m pretty addicted… but I need to finish these blogs and at least hit the gym.  That should put me in position to have a productive night.

Not going out to eat dinner will help to.  one of the biggest time consumers is dinner. I can spend several hours with friends out.  By the time you get back you don’t feel like doing anything productive.  As long as I stay away from going out to eat tonight I should have the time to complete all the activities I assigned to me.  And get a nap in.

I picked up a lot of diet coke from the supermarket.  Diet coke always increases productivity levels.  There’s probably a bunch of errands I’m forgetting as well.  Weekends are meant for errands since I don’t do them on weekdays.

I did read about a kickstarter failing.  It seems that a lot of kick starters fail because they get too much money.  This Kickstarter was for a mini drone with a camera.  It raised 3.4 million dollars.  And boom… all the money is gone.  you have to love the fact that kickstarter isn’t legally responsible for any of this… although they reap in the benefits.  Truly a scary model.