Fighting Agency Stagnation: Is It Time for Change?


Fighting Agency Stagnation: Is It Time for Change? 

Are Houston Agencies Going Under- or Worse- Stagnating?

Agencies, especially those with significant employee turnover seem to get it right, often- running seemingly successful online search campaigns. The same, however, can’t be said of the end users’ experience; too many specialists offering their expert opinion and tailored products end up missing the point- running a consumer-centric campaign.

As a result, they complicate the simple process with inconsistencies, mistakes, and incompetence.

Client-Agency Relationship

The client-agency relationship is delicate at first but mutually beneficial once they build a rapport. The client benefits from a successful marketing campaign while the digital marketer improves the portfolio and attracts more customers.

While digital marketing closely associates with the internet; it’s only one of the available media. By leveraging other media such as mobile apps, electronic billboards, digital television, and podcasts, agencies can quickly reach out to the target market left out by the single use of the internet.

Research plays a central part in creating insight into the customer preference and behavior to improve the buying cycle. Marketers use the information collected from all channels: the web, mobile, social media, direct mail, a point of sale, among others, to anticipate consistent and coordinated customer experiences. Digital marketers, however, continually face the following challenges;

•  Multiple digital channels

The availability of multiple digital channels and different devices running different protocols makes digital marketing a challenge; digital marketers have to catch up with evolving technology regularly.

•  Intensifying competition

Affordable digital media versus the more expensive traditional media puts the former within reach of most businesses, of any size; making it increasingly harder to capture the consumers’ attention.

•  Exploding data volumes

Sorting out the huge data trail left behind by online users proves to be a daunting task for digital marketers. A big portion of this information may not help much in revealing key areas that could potentially help in business growth.

So, what does it take to get it right?

Managing complex and dynamic customer relationships across traditional and digital media can conveniently help tap into potential growth areas and prevent stagnation. Moreover, extracting value from big data is essential to better and faster decision making and ultimately delivering a consumer-centered campaign.

Agency Strategies to customized campaigns

•  Provide Quality content

Gone are the time’s product sellers decided on the content to feed their potential consumers; they (consumers) now control the content- and the demand for quality content is high. Digital media is a growing source of entertainment, news, shopping and services. The diversity of content sources means that consumers already know more than what content marketers are selling.

•  Know your customers to boost your campaigns

Having a consolidated view of the client preferences and expectations from all digital media takes you one step ahead. But that’s not enough. Engage them in your campaigns; it will help get rid of unwanted content and concentrate more on the juicy bits.

•  Improve the mobile experience

A common mistake entrepreneurs make, is building robust websites that only serve traditional user-experience, while leaving out the bulk of mobile users. A mobile-friendly experience can boost your campaign efforts and rank your clients’ brands high.

•  Simplify things

Build the campaign strategy around easy to consume content- get rid of the junk. Attention spans are getting shorter than ever, and users want content that makes for an interesting read, and not just feeding them with loads of content.

•  Drive traffic

An excellent way to attract visitors to your clients’ website is to provide industry news. Press releases, blog posts and other quality content such as videos and pictures are another way to keep them scrolling through the pages. Don’t forget to place things in a simple, organized way. Social media links on the page should be easy to spot as these provide an added edge over competitors.

Trends in 2016, likely to spill over to 2017

1.  Content marketing

While thousands- even millions of content marketers are bursting at the scene, the cream of this lot will float with quality- and win big. On the other hand, the mediocre will lose out too. Quality is the word here.

High ranking websites and web pages rely on quality content and proper keyword research. Well-organized pages, original and intuitive web content, are the next big thing.

2.  Location-Based Marketing

Interactive and engaging, GPS popularity is increasing with new software inventions. GPS technology is the support system behind localized targeting of potential consumers; enhancing user experience and increasing the search result relevancy.

3.  Video marketing

Digital marketing takes advantage of popular sites, YouTube and Vimeo, among others; which allow for better and interactive product and service marketing. Video marketing will remain relevant in 2017- and even much later.

4.  Niche social media platforms

Forget Twitter and Facebook- a growing buzz around niche platforms such as Vine and Snapchat suggests a possible trend of social and interactive platforms that digital marketers will look out for in the coming year.