How to find a job at start-up after college


How to find a job at start-up after college

Many start-ups and small businesses look for talented, smart and versatile individuals to work for them. It is convenient for a small company to have employees who can jump from one kind of work to the other with ease. Versatility enables the company to grow faster with a manageable human labor force. While working in a small office space, being able to be a team player can also be a great advantage since you constantly have to interact with your colleagues. For college graduates, finding a job at a startup can be an excellent opportunity to learn and grow their career. However, it is important for college graduates to know that a startup will have different requirements when hiring compared to a large company. Here are some of the tips that can help you get hired at a start-up right after college.

Get to know the company and its products or services

Taking time to do some research about the company before an interview can create a good impression. A recruiter will always look for a candidate with in-depth knowledge of the business and its product or service. It is a demonstration of your capabilities and the value you hope to bring to the company.

Start to network

Most startup companies are run by a small group of people with many responsibilities. The startup recruiter might be too occupied with other kinds of work such that they would not get the time to post job vacancies. Therefore, to fill open positions, a startup company would rather use its networks in the industry to find the right candidate for the job. Networking is a more convenient way for startups to recruit since it’s cheap and less time consuming. As a college graduate looking for employment, getting a job at a startup will require more than sending resumes. You will have to find the relevant networks and keep building on those connections. With time you will start to get referrals based on the networks you have established.

Have an online presence

As an individual in the search for employment at a startup, having an online presence can prove that you are valuable. Having an online profile or a personal website can be a brilliant way to stand out and show your personality to the recruiter. As much as sending your resume is important, an online presence provides a platform for you to express the personality you hope to bring to the company. In today’s information age, most startups are shifting focus towards attracting an online audience. With an active online presence, a recruiter will be able to see that you are already familiar with the company’s goals.

Study the startup’s industry

For most startups, the journey towards becoming a significant company in the industry is usually tough and long. A startup company has to compete with other startups in its industry and also the big established companies. Working for a startup, therefore, requires enough knowledge of the competitors in the industry and also an understanding of how the industry works. Studying the sector can be a good way of showing that you care about the startup and that your knowledge will bring value.

Examine the culture of the startup

Different companies have different cultures. You can improve your interview preparation by taking the time to understand the culture of the startup. Study the history of how the startup got started and you will get a clear picture of the candidates they will hire. Knowing a startup’s culture will make your work easier and almost guarantee you a “Yes!” in every interview.