Finding the Perfect Rival in Houston Texas


I found my newest rival.  She’s great.  A little bewildering but overall the perfect “study buddy.”  She’s an entrepreneur.  And lives in Houston.  Our personalities are similar.  One difference is she’s better at socializing.  Haha.  Anyways… the importance of having rivals in my life….  It gives me a renewed sense of motivation.  Desire is the key.  If you don’t have the desire to do something, you just won’t do it.  The best motivation is envy.  Envy will drive you insane.  You can’t pick a rival weaker than you…. it makes absolutely no sense.  The strong the rival the more motivated I become.  And I found someone pretty strong.

And before you say I’m crazy, she’s even crazier.  It’s possible that she works even harder than I do.  Not sure.  She has her own startup as well.  And I know she puts in the hours.  My pass rivals have all been able to annoy me.  We were all friends and still are… however whether it’s a better grade or more followers… all my rivals are better at something I care about.  And that’s why you can learn from them.

There is nothing more important than building up skill sets.  Each skill is not unique on its own… it’s the combination of skills you collect that make you unique.  I love mimicking skills from stronger people.  I love being around people who are better than I am at the skill I want to acquire.  How else can you get better?

I found a renewed sense of motivation recently.  The more success my rival has the hungrier I get.  The greatest danger is to not be hungry.  Without hunger… there is no action.  Or rather… there no incentive to act.  Planning means so little to me.  Documentation means even less….  I prefer action.

I need to produce more content and build up my instagram and linkedin.  Those two are strong… but will get much stronger in the next few weeks.  Twitter I could care less about.  And this blog.  Videos are set for the next two weeks on this channel.  The lion channel I have to work a tad more on.  I’m in a very good mood.  Not every day you find someone willing to be your rival.