Finished Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain



It was a long game but the ending was amazing.  I love how games I played as a child are still being produced.  I’m okay with new version of old games.  It’s nostalgia when you see an old character like revolver ocelot…  Not my favorite character but a nice throwback nonetheless.

I’m excited for Final Fantasy 7.  That game helped define my childhood in terms of being interested in fantasy worlds.  The story telling in video games has come a long way since then… although it was excellent then as well.  I can’t wait to play the reboot.  I’m sure there were technical limitations that restricted how the story was told then.  

Phantom pain was the perfect mix of old characters/old plot and new characters/new twist.  The story was well crafted.  I’ve enjoyed the Metal Gear Solid series immensely.   And hope to see more renditions of it.  I’m probably not going to replay the game although I would like to see Quiet’s ending.  I can just YouTube that though.

It’s nice to relax.  As much as I love playing old retro games…. I still occasionally go to the original safari zone to catch dragonairs and of course original ruby to catch feebas (and evolve them into milotics).  There’s something awesome playing old character with new graphics.  Tomb Raider is one of my favorite games and to play it on the PS3/PS4 gets me every time.  I’m a sucker for remakes for games I grew up with.  And don’t even get me started on Zelda…