Fire Emblem & Startup Life Collide


I replayed fire emblem awakening.  It was fun.  10 hours of non-stop playing… essentially my friday night… instead of going out to the amazing event… haha… Pass.  Anyways, I’ve optimized the game and can unlock all the characters.  And grind them at the highest levels within the shortest period of time.  At some point… I stop enjoying the game… and I only continue to playing purely for optimization.  It’s sort of neat being able to play a game “perfectly.”  Anyways…. onto tonight.  I did go to the gym.  And I just got back.  It’s 1:37am… I want to at least make 4 more blogs tonight mainly because I feel guilty for not making my guttulus videos.  When something messes with my schedule… it really messes with it.

And no Fire Emblem wasn’t the thing that messed with sacred schedule.  It was something else.  It’s already January 18th… which means next weekend I will spend it doing taxes… oh good… just want I wanted to do.  I did get to briefly meet some friends and check somethings out.  My friend’s store isn’t doing so well…  I believe the main problem is poor marketing… but when I tell him this… he won’t listen. There’s a lot more competition for his space now.  In fact, there’s a store right next to his that offers the same things and is beating him at almost everything.  I should be kinder… but the harsh reality is, if you aren’t on top of you game… customers will go else where.

Which brings me to this…. I need to pick up coding classes again.  I’ve been so lazy… in terms of generating content.  It’s not burn out.  I know what that’s like and this is different.  This is something… or someone… messing with my schedule… and them me just wanting to do nothing since I have to wait.   Waiting… can be optimized… but for this weekend I didn’t do it.

On the plus side I found my favorite drink at Fresh Market.  I thought they discontinued it.  But no… it’s still around, just in a weird new location.  That was a pleasant surprise.  I’m drinking it now.  It doesn’t have caffeine… I have to just power through these few blogs… then I can feel good about going to sleep.  As long as I don’t want anymore ant farm videos I’ll be fine.  For whatever reason I want an ant farm… Probably because my development team… didn’t work together as well as these ants.  They aren’t cute.  But they sure understand team work.