Fire in the Belly



Probably my favorite line.  It’s around 3am right now.  Tonight is a bit different from other nights though since I crunched a 6:30am the previous night before.  Essentially… I got a lot done and I don’t want to go to sleep… since at this point I’m hyper productive.  Lots of coding.  Lots of SEOing.  Very little sales.  The thing with sales is you can’t actually do it on weekends.  Since many of the tactics only work during the weekdays… or so I assume.  

It’s nice to be hungry again.  I only ever worry about one thing… whether I’m able to refine or develop new skills.  I have a insatiable appetite for acquiring and perfecting skills.  The same with patent law.  PCTs were fun and pretty stable.  However… doing them over and over again didn’t make me better at them.  At some point there was nothing new to learn.  And then it became repeat a task.  Not something intellectually stimulating.

My greatest skill is this hunger.  A hunger to be better everyday… or every night.  I still don’t really understand what I can achieve in marketing.  I know it’s a lot of fun and more content is created everyday then can be studied.  Sort of like an unending library.

I’ve always like the concept of owning a library with so many books you could never finish.  I currently own this.  My number one goal… pretty much achieved.  Obviously I would like to add a few more hundred graphic design and marketing books.  At this moment, I love my collection.  It’s an unlimited amount of resources.

There’s really nothing more I need to say… except I’m developing the skills I currently have and acquiring new ones.  It reminds me a lot of pre-med and law school.  You sit in the library until you can’t anymore.  And then you go home to study until late in the morning with your roommates.  My roommate were also nocturnal creatures.  I remember Chandra being up until 3am finish a presentation and submitting job applications. Those are the things I miss most about being in school.  That all your peers (at least the ones that you are competing with) study just as hard as you do.