Five Reasons Millennials Should become AdWord Professionals


Five Reasons Millennials Should become AdWord Professionals 

Millenials have often been generalized as a lazy, entitled and self-indulged generation when it comes to their presence in the workforce. In strike contrast to earlier generations where the motto was “start at the bottom and work your way to the top”, Millennials have been criticized as the generation of instant gratification. They want it all and right now. However, one thing that is for certain of this generation is their grasp of the internet, having been born into the world where a phone booth is something they learn about in history class.

Millennials know technology, which enables them to turn their “wants” of instant gratification in the workplace into a reality. In particular, Millennials can land the marketing or advertising job of their dreams right out of college. As such, AdWord managers are of high demand in PPC advertising. This article will cover five reasons Millennials should become AdWord Professionals.

Millennials are Comfortable with the Internet

First, the internet is an integral part of the younger generations’ lives. They have a solid grasp of the technology and easability on the web. They are comfortable navigating social media sites and thus have a greater understanding of how to appeal to large groups of people. Many young people start businesses from their web presences and create their brands simply because they understand what works or shall I say what “gets likes” and what does not. For these reasons, Millennials are perfect candidates over their older counterparts.

Millennials are Competent

Second, Millennials understand that marketing success requires competency. They have an edge over older generations who are AdWord certified, but do not understand potential hazards. For instance, Millennials not only know the definition of AdWord terms, such as keyword match types, but also know how it applies from a marketing standpoint.

Millennials are In Demand

Third, our economy has seen more and more people going into business for themselves as a result of the internet. Start-up businesses, such as online stores are easier than ever for even novice entrepreneurs. However, web marketing is not something even business savvy people do well. Successful PPC campaigns require professionals, of which creates a perfect job market for Millennials.

Millennials Know how to Communicate

Fourth, AdWord Professionals can help decide which keywords will yield the best results for business. No one knows this dynamic of communication better than Millennials, whose concept of communication is learned via social media platforms. For example, communication on social media is not one to one, but one to thousands, millions even, which is a huge advantage for businesses who sell to global markets via the internet.

Millennials are Diverse

Fifth, Millennials represent our most diverse generation to date. Diversity is their norm, so they understand what works and appeals to many different groups of people. Millennials have learned the importance of using multicultural language to communicate messages that speak to all people. Understanding diversity in the marketplace is significant to successful advertising.

These are just five of the many reasons why Millennials should become AdWord Professionals. They are a distinct group of individuals who have unique and valuable skill sets that are required for advertising in today’s age of technology.