Flashing the Tiger Fangs

150 150 tony

I’m excited. I get to try this run an entire agency thing…. It’s exhilarating because everything you do correlates with how successful you become.

Sales, content generation, development management, etc… all things I did today. I feel exhausted everyday, but it’s a good type of exhausted. Lots of phone calls and networking. At the end of the day I get to see exactly how long my fangs are. Weird analogy I know. But I’m pretty weird.

Anyways this weekend is going to busy. I have to set up the content and proposal generating part of the agency. Right now, proposals are taking too long to generate. I will need to create a simplified system. I also need to get some legal things in order. I did go to law school for something. And finances… need to work on that. As well as this website. I should make a list:

clean (house is a mess)
Shopping for Clothes
Ant Removal
Hobby YouTube Videos…. X 14
Videos on Guttulus X a lot…
Prepare Presentation
Obtain Legal Papers
Create Proposal System
Redo an entire PPC campaign

And that’s my weekend. Wait until you see what I get to do in the weekday.

But I do get Friday/Monday of next week off to visit my sister in PA. That I’m excited for. It would be nice to see her again for my birthday.

This was a strange blog… even for me.