Freelance Web Developer in Humble Texas


I have been currently employed as a web developer for over 12 years. I am venturing onto Craigslist on a part time basis to assist small business and/or individuals to help bring their ideas to the web. Within the current framework that I use, I can create a quick & easy site that gets your business/ idea onto the web & mobile platforms using responsive design. Below is a current list of technologies I am familiar with.

Skill set: C++, JavaScript, ASP, C#, ASP.Net, PHP, VB Script, Visual Basic.Net, Cobol, HTML, SQL, JQuery, SQL Server, MySQL, Bootstrap and CSS.

Compensation does depend on what your requirements are (the more complex, the more it costs). I am also interested in trades. If you are interested, please use the link above to send me an email.

Are you happy with your current online presence? Do you feel your site isn’t attention grabbing? Is your site confusing about what you offer–or maybe you don’t have a site at all? If you’re unsure of where to start, we at Kratos Business Solutions can help. We offer a wide variety of services form Website design to SEO and online marketing, along with “offline” services like corporate branding.

The website we can design for you will be 100% customized to your business. We will never use an online site builder unless you ask us to, and there’s no need to worry about your site being built with a template that’s been used for other websites. We like to make it unique to you.