How to Get Your First 100 Followers on Instagram?


How to Get Your First 100 Followers on Instagram?

When you’re just starting out on Instagram or any other social media platform, the path to your first 100 followers is fairly straightforward. To get your account off the ground and get those first followers, you’re going to take advantage of the “followback” principle. Out of sheer courtesy and curiosity, many people who you follow on Instagram will follow you back immediately. This is a known phenomenon, and nearly all successful accounts on Instagram have made use of it.

There are more advanced strategies out there that you’ll need to implement to get into the thousands and tens of thousands, but for your first 100, this is really all you need.

Here’s what you do:

1. Identify Hashtags Relevant To Your Niche

First of all, you don’t want just any old follower. You want followers who will actually be interested in you and your content, and the best way to attract those kinds of followers is by using relevant hashtags. Using Instagram’s search feature, start exploring some search terms for your niche and see what comes up. Find relevant hashtags in your niche that are used on tens of thousands of posts or more, as using hashtags that aren’t very popular won’t bring much traffic to your account.

2. Post High-Quality Photos And Fill Out Your Profile

Once you’ve identified 20-30 relevant, popular hashtags, it’s time to get your account ready for visitors. There’s no sense trying to get people to your page if there’s nothing on it yet. So first, fill out your profile (including a link to your website’s homepage) and put at least 9-12 quality photos that show what you’re all about. Add 10-20 hashtags in the caption or comment section under each photo to start drawing traffic.

Don’t start pushing out marketing messages yet. Don’t put out salesy CTA’s yet either. You don’t want to push people away so soon. Right now you just want to attract followers who will stick around. So put together your profile page in a way that will make them want to follow you.

3. Identify Influencer Accounts In Your Niche

Now search through the images that come up under your hashtags. Instagram will show the most popular posts that use those hashtags, followed by the most recent posts using them. Go through the popular posts and identify which of those accounts seem to be influential in your niche. Follow some of those top accounts and keep track of them for future reference. You’ll be reaching out to some of them later on.

4. Follow Your Niche’s Influencers’ Followers

Next, pull up the list of followers of some of those influencers and start following those people. Since they follow this influencer’s account – and their content is similar to yours, right? – then many of them will also want to follow your account too. Over the next day or two, follow 50 or so of these accounts every hour.

5. Interact With Your Followers

Whenever someone follows you back, go to their account and like some of their posts. If anyone comments on your posts, be sure to respond by commenting back and tagging them in your comment so they see it. Lack of interaction will cause many new followers to unfollow you, so show them some love.

The steps above can be executed in less than an hour, spread out over the next couple of days. By the time you’ve followed 300-500 accounts who are interested in your niche, you’ll easily accumulate your first hundred Instagram followers. Then just rinse and repeat to keep your numbers climbing!