How to Get Your First 100 Followers on Twitter


How to Get Your First 100 Followers on Twitter

Twitter is an online social networking service. It enables users to send and read tweets. Tweets are 140-character messages. Signing up for Twitter is fast, easy and free.

Twitter is a platform used by businesses to market and advertise their services and products. With the high number of subscribers to the site, getting followers seems easy. However, it may take time before business owners can get many followers in the shortest time possible.

How do you get the first 100 followers on Twitter? What tips and tricks work? Here are a few fool-proof techniques:

Write a capturing Twitter description

What does a good description entail? It should contain some keywords. It should state what you will be tweeting about. The ultimate goal is to get the right followers. For instance, if you are dealing with music, mention it in the description. It will give you an edge in the crowded feed. Keep the description short. Have a trackable URL too. It is a bonus.

Have a few relevant hashtags

Hashtags and Twitter go hand in hand. This is one of the ways to get followers and identify those following you. Some influencers may retweet and cover similar topics enabling you to build your audience.

Retweet great posts

How do you feel when someone retweets your posts? Happy is an understatement. Find great content and retweet. Share it! Sharing and retweeting is a great way of getting noticed. It is one of the factors that make social media engaging. Do not be afraid to share great content from your competitors. However, make sure to mention the source of the content. It is good manners and ethical.

Sharing your content

As a startup, do not be afraid to share your content. It may be a tweet, blog post or a landing page. However, it is important that you share content that is relevant to the matter at hand.


Twitter is all about following. Follow other Twitter users and the relevant hashtags as a means of building your fan base. Do not worry as Twitter offers great suggestions on who to follow.

Follow back

Follow back those that follow you. However, be on the lookout for scammers. How do you identify scam accounts? If one has two followers and is following 10,000 people, it is a scam.

Add images to tweets

Once in a while, add an image to a tweet. Tweets with images links get a lot of engagements compared to those without. While at it, use a relevant image.

Be personal and gracious

Take a minute to thank people that follow you. How do you make it personal? Start with their username at the beginning of the tweet. If you do not do so, all followers will see the messages and not the individual user.

Here is an example: @supergirl, thanks for following! Glad that you are part of the family. Have a wonderful day.

By doing so, only you and @supergirl will get the tweet on their feed.

Tweet, tweet, and tweet

How often should you tweet? Tweeting once a day is not a good strategy. Probably, you will find tons of tweets if you tweet during scheduled periods. The best strategy is to tweet as often as possible.

Analysis of what is working or not and adapting

There are certain tactics that may not be working in your favor. Determine what techniques works and improve on it. If there are any new ideas, you can try them out. Pay close attention to the performing tweets so that you can maximize on them.

Make a “mention.”

Mentioning particular followers is a great way of getting loyal and many followers in the long run. The benefit of making mentions is that it will encourage then to retweet and reply thereby making the tweet visible to their other followers. In the process, the strangers will become visitors and followers.

Bottom line

Twitter is more than a game of numbers. It is important that one has loyal followers that will give your brand more visibility and increase the number of followers. The bottom line is reciprocating especially for beginners.