How to Get Your First Few Subscribers on YouTube?


How to Get Your First Few Subscribers on YouTube?

If you know something you will be able to share it to with the world. One of the main streams you can have at hand is You Tube, a great place for everyone, as there are millions of people eager to learn how on a certain field. This a platform definitely to consider to expand your network and spread your services, brand or products.

Bloggers can broaden their internet reach by letting viewers feel connected. You as a blogger will have the possibility to drive huge traffic to your blog by just sharing your expertise in you tube.

So you can understand by now, how high us You Tube, and that means get lots of subscribers.

Here I will give you tips how you can get your very first 100 and do not die in the intent. You might think it is hard work, and sometimes you will feel discourage if your channel is not growing as fast as you wish. But please do not worry, I will give you some tips to follow and do not die in the intent. Exact formulas do not exist, when it comes to You Tube. Just put yourself into it, be an active member and be true to who you are.

1.  Choose your niche.

You might have heard this so many times, but sometimes it is not easy to find it. Please think what you know, sometimes you may think you do not know what you are good at. Just take some minutes and reflect on what you know and like.

There are millions of options, nothing is wrong, you have audience for nearly everything.

2. Present quality content.

This is very important nowadays, though you do not need a fancy equipment, you do need a good camera, a smartphone works too. We as audience do not like to see blurry videos. There are stream soft wares that will give you good options for streaming, and recording, such as:  which is free.

3. Be active

People need to see that you upload content regularly. They will come back and share if they see you give them new material. When you’re consistent, your audience will subscribe so that they don’t miss anything. When you leave long breaks between posts, your audience will move to another channel.

4. Your family and friends

Your family and friends are your first helpers. They will subscribe and tell their own friends to subscribe. That is the way to start the chain.  The key think about sharing can be word mouth.

5.  Art appealing design.

When it comes to visual, use the very best you have. It should be appealing to the eye, and also related to your niche. This will be the first thing your viewers will see. It will also allow you to look professional.

6. Interact

You won’t get subscribers if you do not interact. Reply to comments, be proactive as regards your work in your channel. Please answer the comments and get the effort to reach your audience. This will allow your subscribers to like your channel and share your content. Sharing means more subscribers.  One of the bestselling YA authors has gained popularity through her engagement with her audience.  People love when you care about them.

7. Share.

Do not leave aside the other social media. Twitter, Instagram are good platforms to share and promote your channel. All social media gives you the possibility of being live and you never know who might be redirected to your channel through.

8. Be creative.

Your thumbnails, titles, and content, have to be appealing in order for people to subscribe to you. Do not forget visuals, when it comes the time to stand out from the crowd. You will look professional.

9. Have an excellent video

You can upload a popular video to get more viewers, let your viewers share the videos that will carry more subscribers. People like to see the new trends and what it is hot on the web.

10. Don’t get discouraged.

As I have said at the beginning, getting subscribers can be hard and discouraging. But please take a while, let people know you, share tips, some content.  It may take you a while to get to your first 100 subscribers. And that’s perfectly okay. The worst thing you could do is quit because people would see that you aren’t being consistent. The first 100 subscribers are the hardest because your channel is so new. People need to know you, people need to share your channel. If your topic is interesting, (make a little research) remember that all social media is connected them. Use them all, this will produce more traffic to you channel. Have this motto: “Failure is not an option”

11- Participate

Use communities, sites which embrace your niche, let people know what your channel. Follow other people in you tube, leave comments, in other words, let the world know you are here.

12- Optimize

Please do not forget keywords in the title and description in your video, they are fundamental in the search in the web. Those keywords will increase the traffic in your channel and viewers will launch there.

13- Tags

You Tube finds the videos through tags, these, along with the title and the keywords in the description will create more findings, consequently more viewers. Make sure your tags are relevant to your topics. If you are not sure what tags to use, research in some other similar videos, and see the tags they have chosen.