How to Get Your First 100 Subscribers on YouTube


How to Get Your First 100 Subscribers on YouTube

Anyone who uses the internet knows or uses YouTube. For content marketers, it is the best site for selling their ideas to the other online users.  YouTube, and other social websites such as Twitter and Facebook, not only targets video marketers but also give them the perfect platform for hosting and sharing their videos. If you are video blogger and marketer, then YouTube is world’s best and free site you can reach out to customers. In YouTube videos sell through subscription, meaning that creating traffic and luring subscribers should be your prime target when posting videos on this platform. Although getting more customers to view your channels and increasing their reach of the videos you upload on YouTube is a challenge, it is possible. The following are some of the practical measures that can help you get your first 100 subscribers on YouTube.

Ask your friends and family

In most cases, nobody will know your plans to post videos on YouTube or that you do it when you get started. However, some people must like the films you upload on this site, and some of them are your family members and friends. Just telling them that you post videos on YouTube and that you need subscribers will get their and, hopefully, prompt them to subscribe to them. The best part of this approach is that they are also like to pass the information to other users who will also add up to the list. Some of them could offer to help you seek subscribers if you specify to them that you need to hit the 100th mark.

Upload Quality Videos

Although YouTube also posts pictures and audio files, many users know it for videos. Since almost everyone who posts media on it uses videos and users have a variety of them to choose from, quality is one of the factors that could lure them to subscribe to your videos. Subscribers like high definition and ultra-high definition videos, so you should target when posting your contents to this site. Users will subscribe to your videos if they of good quality even if they can get similar materials from elsewhere.


Uploading videos on a consistent basis keeps people expecting more from you. That expectation alone can make them subscribe to your video and even invite other users to follow the suit. The best way to reward these expecting users is to post more videos to meet their demands as you build an extensive network of subscribers. In essence, posting quality videos on a consistent basis is almost a guarantee of getting the first 100 customers or even more within a short period. In fact, this approach could also help you keep the users who subscribe to your videos.

Find a niche

In YouTube, specialists tend to have more subscribers than the masters of all niches. For anyone in search of users to like the videos he/she uploads, specializing in one area is the best route to follow. With this approach, they will associate with and recognize you for posting videos of specific content. For example, you could specialize in uploading materials about entertainment (music, sports, comedy, and movies); education (science, languages, mathematics, languages and arts); or discoveries, among other fields. Specializing in one niche enables subscribers to associate with you as they will identify with your videos whenever they want to those focusing on entertainment, education, discoveries, or any other field you specialize.

In summary, you could use several options of creating traffic to your YouTube profile, but not all of them bring instant success. The ones highlighted in this paper are valid and offer the best way for video marketing on YouTube. Not only will they help get the first 100 subscribers, but also keep them.