How to Get a Job in the Pay Per Click Industry?


How to Get a Job in the Pay Per Click Industry?  

Finding a job in PPC does not require a lengthy resume, a prestige college and advance education, or 10 years of marketing experience. There is no PPC degree.  Being great at PPC requires a passion for continued learning and a positive attitude. At my previous marketing position, I interviewed 194 PPC candidates on the phone and over 100 in person. I interviewed Ninjas, Mavens, Cowboys, Space Kids, and Cobras from Oklahoma City, Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Fransisco, Mumbai, Hong Kong, London and some places I can’t pronounce. Here’s my understanding of what makes a great PPC candidate and how you can get a job as a PPC specialist.

Do you have a social media presence? In a digital world, social media personas matter. For PPC Ninjas, I want to know whether you talk about PPC on twitter/facebook/linkedin. Do you retweet interesting articles about the newest Betas on AdWords? Is PPC something you are up to date with? Do you own an e-commerce store? Do you use PPC for your own side hustle? One metric I look specifically for is whether the person is endorsed on linkedin for PPC related skills. I suggest adding SEM/PPC/AdWords to all relevant social media profiles to increase search-ability. If you are not confident producing content, you can retweet others. Recruiters are looking for keywords, do you have those keywords on your social media profiles? Having no social media presence and applying for a digital marketing job… is a no go for me.

I also look for certifications with AdWords or Bing. Google offers several exams : AdWords Fundamentals, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, Shopping Advertising, and the most important Analytics. These are excellent places to start learning PPC. Becoming certified is great, but you still need live clients. There are plenty of certified individuals who never worked on a PPC account. You need references. 

If you don’t have paid PPC accounts to work on, I suggest volunteering. There are many local businesses who’d be grateful for marketing help. It provides you real accounts to work on without forcing you to do sales. Do a good job and you will have excellent recommendations to use later.

Do you have a website? You might find it strange, I’m separating website from social media. Social media has prebuilt User Interface and User Experiences. I want to know what you believe is good UI/UX. I use your website to determine “taste” (without creating a forced response). You can send all the traffic in the world, but without an understanding of landing pages and style guidelines, it won’t matter. Bonus if you have a behance profile. My agency is small (9 locals); a PPC candidate we hire will need an understanding of graphic design and display. We make all our own display ads. 

Are you adverse to doing sales? Sales is the lifeline of marketing. Can you concisely explain fundamental PPC principals in a sales pitch? Do you get flustered easily? If you don’t know the answer, are you honest or do you try to BS? At smaller agencies, everyone does sales and client retention.

And most importantly, do you fit the culture of the company you applied to? Have you looked at our social media? Can you build a narrative of how you fit in our company? A lot of things can be trained, attitude cannot. How will you make our lives easier by being hired? In marketing courses this is called features vs benefits.

I hope this helps. As always I’m happy to field questions in the below sections.