“How do I get my teen through high school?”


“How do I get my teen through high school?”   

Parents can play a critical role in ensuring that their teens succeed in school and life outside of school. Offering advice and guidance is one part of the critical role that parents play in their child’s life. Although teenagers are commonly seeking independence during this time in their lives, parental guidance and involvement are crucial to their future success.

Here are a few ways for parents to keep their teens on the path to success during their time in high school.

Attending school meetings and teacher conferences

It is important for your teen to see that you are involved and supportive of their academic careers. Attending school meetings and teacher conferences will allow you to monitor your student’s performance and progress. The school administrators and counselors may also offer advice and assistance with post-high school options.

Visiting the school website

Visiting the website will enable you to find important information such as the school calendar, special events, available extra-curricular activities, and many other useful resources to help your child succeed.

Supporting homework expectations

Homework intensity increases as your student progresses through school. Balancing the demands of academia and extra-curricular activities may be difficult for the teens. Parents can help their children achieve the correct equilibrium by providing them with a distraction free time for homework. Setting aside time to review their homework will ensure that your student is meeting the requirements to achieve academic success. Additionally, you will be aware of any areas that need improvement or additional resources to help your student grasp required knowledge.

Offer help with studying 

Creating a study plan with your student will provide them with an easier road to achieving academic success. Breaking down the tasks into smaller and more manageable chunks will help to avoid overwhelming your student. Offer to help or hire a tutor for your teen in the specific areas that they may be facing challenges.

Getting them ready for school

Adequate sleep and proper nutrition are paramount to your child’s ability to focus and perform well in the classroom.  Encourage them to eat healthily and develop proper nighttime and morning routines to create habits that they can maintain even after high school.

Understand the Bullying and disciplinary policies

Parents should be familiar with the school code of conduct and ensure that their teen understands what is expected of them. If possible, the expectations at school and home should bear some resemblance to make transitioning to a professional code of conduct easier for your child.

Getting involved

Parents can involve themselves as volunteers in school activities as a way of showing they are interested in their child experiences at school.