Giving Out Free Graphic Design Books



I’ll be honest… I didn’t quit give up the concept of making the world a better place.  I’ve just changed how I want to do it.  I received several messages and emails from parents and students to tutor them.  It’s sort of sad saying no…. since I enjoy it a lot.  But time is something I don’t have as much of anymore.  Instead… I’m giving away books.

The story is pretty awesome.  Domy Books in Houston was a store that bankrupted… mainly because no one ever purchased anything.  It reminded me a lot of a store only selling board games… you know the end is eventually going to come.  They carried graphic design books.  They sold
their remaining stock to another store in Houston: Insomnia Games.  The stock was on consignment…. so it took some time to get it home.  And honestly, I can’t imagine a better place for it then my home.  I have been giving away books.  I’ve probably given away 100 books so far.  To co-workers, students, and anyone interested in graphic design.  I even started mailing them…. although it’s probably not the most economic model.

I put a huge value on teaching and education.  I don’t think that will ever change.  Which reminds me I need to redo most of my study guides and update the material.  It will probably take a long time… I guess I can commit one weekend to it and see what progress I made.  It took about a weekend per study guide.  I imagine re-doing them will be easier.  I really need to start generating more content.  This is sort of embarrassing…