Goals and Such Things



I’ve been thinking about my future goals.  I’m pretty happy… but still extremely famished.  I want to learn more, do more, and see where I end up in marketing.  It seems I have a unique skill set, but I’m not sure how valuable this skill set is.  I want to add a few other skills… unfortunately what I want to add is difficult to learn.  In short, I’m not ready… at least not to the extent I would be content with.

In 2 years, I learned how to manage a massive Houston PPC account, social media, website, graphic design, and development.  I’m still hungry… and hope to add SEO and “hard” development to my plate.  It’s nice to be in an ever-changing field and to have a job that encourages growth.  My previous job was intense, but not in ways that developed me as a person.  In fact, it may have hindered my evolution as a marketer.  It’s hard to become an expert when the majority of your time is spent durdling.

I can see how far I’ve come… and more importantly how far I need to go…  It’s one part exhilarating than one part scary.  What an interesting life.

Now onto why I’m writing this blog.  I’ve decided to slowly tone down one of my hobbies (my 15K Guttulus YouTube channel).  I’ll still operate it… but I want to wind it down a bit and put more time on Guttulus.  It’s hard to completely give up on a YouTube channel with 15K subs and 5.4M views.  But I may have too, if time is an issue… and lately time is an issue.