My Worst Failures in 2015 Revisited


It’s 12:19am on a Friday…  I’m in a rather pensive mood.  An uncommon mood for me to wallow in.  My last blog was things I did well in 2016.  This blog will be things I didn’t do as well.  Sales.  I get it…. but I don’t get it.  I’m figuring out how to close. I can generate open leads but I have difficulty closing them.  My working hours have been weird.  Code sprints are fun for the first two hours… but at some point become pretty boring.  You repeat actions over and over again.  Eventually it’s just a grind to finish the project.

My biggest failure in 2015 was not being able to train another PPC person for my agency… how lame.  It’s a lot harder training someone in PPC than SAT or ISEE.  I tried, but alas it’s likely something inherit a person has to have.  You can’t train someone to care enough that they will study it on their own… they either have this desire or don’t.  PPC changes often, to the point that being good at it today doesn’t mean you will be good at it tomorrow.  I had what I believed was the ideal student to tutor and it didn’t work.  An unexpected outcome.  A student who kept making the same mistake time and time again.  And I’m sure he wasn’t even aware of the mistakes he was making…..

Other things I didn’t do well was manage the software development team.  I wasn’t assertive enough in what I wanted the software to be.  Instead it became what the developers wanted it to be.  They coded in the language they chose and worked on their time table.   I have limited… to be honest no access to the “backend” of the software at this or any moment.  All types of messed up.  It’s a PPC software that “mimics” what I do every day, Call Only campaigns.  I’m not bragging but I’m a Call Only expert.   From what I’ve seen I’m the leading Call Only expert.   I’ve used it to run hundreds of thousands of dollars of ads.  And I’m transition my larger accounts to this campaign now.   I don’t understand what the developers are doing since they refuse to give me any passwords.  It’s a mess…  I can’t even ask for a simple landing page without being told it will take nearly a week.

The software has changed significantly since we first begun.  It’s been 6 months since I started working on the software… and it wasn’t an easy 6 months.  I didn’t push my vision as strongly as I should.  I was adamant about various parts, such as the changing it from automotive.  I never liked that idea and testing showed dealerships are unlikely to be interested in Call Only campaigns since they are locked into lengthy marketing agency contracts.  You can’t get a dealership to do anything new unless you are already their marketing agency.

I should have pushed for more transparency.  That’s my biggest mistake.  I’m left out in the dark.  An important lesson I learned, developers will always tell you that you don’t understand… which is ridiculous because even if I didn’t understand, I have people who do.  Never let your development team withhold passwords and logins under the guise of “we aren’t giving you this since you won’t understand.”  Also having developers do sales for a PPC software when they neither have sales experience nor PPC experience leads to only one path.  Oh well…. you live and learn.

It’s been 6 months…  4 of those months have been dedicated to development.  I’d expected a fully launched project with dozens if not hundreds of customers.  That’s not where we are today.  I’ll eat 2015 as a learning valuable learning experience.   I am however disappointed I wasn’t able to sell this piece of software to Google…. yet…