Going on Adventures


Startup life is a never ending adventure.  Everyday you are forced to do something new.  You have to option to either look forward to learning this new task or failing at it.  I’ve worked in marketing for 3 years.  That’s even longer than I went to law school for… it’s about the same length I was practicing at a IP law firm.  It’s a large chunk of my life.  3 years…  wow.  Each day I get better.  I wake up excited to learn something new and do something better.  Nothing makes me happier than knowing tomorrow will be a new adventure.  And if I fall flat on my face on today’s journey… tomorrow’s journey will be so different that it’s completely new.

The thing I love about marketing is that it rewards those who love continued learning.  And it punishes people are who are lazy.  Law isn’t really like marketing in that aspect.  Law you can rest on your laurels… Marketing there are no such laurels.  I have the awards you would want and I don’t take that all that seriously.  I rather have my large accounts.  And they are large.  Since 2.5 years ago I had control of 250K+ a month PPC accounts.  Sometimes half a million a month.  Depends on my mood that month.  And that’s what I’m proud of.

Marketing is a field where numbers matter.  Conversions and ROI… but for social media… how many followers and subscribers you have.  What is your Klout score?  There are so many ways to measure your impact in marketing.  And every month, another company like social blade or Moz creates a new tool to measure your “social” impact.  And to me, it’s elegant.  How many people listen to what you have to say.  The more the better.  Even if you are wrong… at least you are making noise.  Be a lion not a mouse.

I’ve set up a pretty efficient system.  As long as I follow it… I’ll reach the place I want to reach.  I don’t want to be good at PPC… I want to be the best I can be.  I’m only at 20% of what I can be.  And the only thing holding me back is time.  You can’t be an expert over night.  You have to continue to publish and do.  I want a 1 million a month account.  That’s my goal next year.  And once I get there… I’ll just want a 1 million a month account.

The same with all my social media.  There is no end.  Only hunger.  If you aren’t hungry… then you aren’t that interesting to me.   My best friends are my greatest rivals.  We push each other to the pinnacle.  However… I found that if you are your own rival… that’s extremely interesting since there’s no end to how far you can push yourself.  Like an infinite loop of some type.  Oh a snake that eats itself.  I like that analogy a little better.