Good Never Better than Great



I got into a discussion with a friend… enemy… mostly a friend …about choosing law over medical.  It haunts me somewhat I didn’t become a doctor. I had valorously achieved the requirements need to get into medical school.  I decided not to take the MCAT since it would mean I’d dedicate the next 7+ years of my life to something I wasn’t sure I wanted to do.

My goal was to get a paid job as soon as possible, since living the broke life style wasn’t appealing.  I took the easier test.. the LSAT.  The LSAT wasn’t difficult.  I put 2 weeks into it and scored well enough to get a partial scholarship at a top 20 law school.  Even if I put more time into study for the test… it may have increased by score by a tiny bit.  I only took the LSAT once since I started the admission process rather late.

I spent last weekend watching a Korean drama on Netflix called Good Doctor.  It was about a doctor with autism.  I found the drama extremely enjoyable.  The way the show depicted residential life… after medical school but before you become a doctor… made me regret. briefly … not going to medical school…  Although, I’m fully aware residential life is probably some version of hell, I wanted what the showed.

Which brings me to the conclusion of this blog.  I’d rather be great at something than okay at it.  I took immunology, an advanced graduate level course, and it was easy.  I pass/failed the class, since it was my last semester.  It was in Immunology I realized I didn’t have the passion to spend my next 7 years becoming a doctor.  And once you become a doctor it’s hard to not practice… with all those loans.

I’m glad I went this route: lawyer into comptroller into marketer.  I feel like I can become a great marketer.