Google Advertising: 25 tips to improve your Google AdWords clicks in 2017


Google Advertising: 25 tips to improve your Google AdWords clicks in 2017 

Google advertising is bound to accelerate in 2017 and this calls for the formulation of strategies that will improve performance. Improving Google AdWords clicks in 2017 should therefore be a crucial focus and here are 25 tips that can aid with finding the balance that will enhance the CTR and boost performance of advertising campaigns.

Structure keyword relevance

Keyword relevance impacts heavily on the Google AdWords clicks since it determines the high value traffic that will come through and this means that it has to be structured to perfection to build the traffic.

Ensure search term is captured

The search term is what the target audience focuses on and this means ensuring the search term is captured comprehensively to direct the traffic seamlessly.

Ad copy relevance

The relevance of the Ad Copy determines the amount and quality of traffic coming through and impacts the clicks an Ad will get when the target audience searches.

Quality score matters

The quality score of an Ad determines the amount of clicks it will get since the target audience is characterized as going for the Ads that resonate with their desire and quest for quality and relevance.

Ensure value bids

The bidding that is structured for Google Advertising should be of value to ensure the prospective clients are able to notice and target the Ad which effectively improves overall clicks.

Enhance landing page experience

The landing page experience impacts how the target audience responds to an Ad which has a cumulative effect when it comes to the number of clicks that an Ad gets.

Add keyword to Ad headline

Adding a keyword to the Ad headline is one of the best strategies when it comes to improving the number of clicks on an Ad since it attracts the relevant traffic and improves user experience.

Try out Dynamic Keyword Insertion

The goal of Dynamic Keyword Insertion within the Ad copy is to ensure the target audience is able to easily associate with the Ad and therefore encourage the users to click.


When targeting improved clicks, remarketing is an effective approach and this can be done with a tracking code that leads back to prospective clients hence allowing for more clicks.

Integrate Ad copy with landing page

The integration of Ad copy with the landing page is an effective strategy that not only allows the target audience to get more information but also enhances the conversion rates.

Target marketing search funnel

Improving the clicks is a function of keyword orientation and being able to understand where the client is in the buying cycle as this will impact the number of individuals clicking the Ad.

Utilize title capitalization

Research has shown that utilizing title capitalization is a strategy that ensures the click through rate will improve which is the positive impact needed with Google AdWords campaigns.

Structure countdown timers

Nothing works best in improving the clicks than a countdown timer and this can be effectively captured with the addition of a snippet that will attract users to click.

Utilize Ad extensions

Ad extensions not only increase visibility of an Ad but they also enhance the capacity of an Ad to resonate with what the target audience is targeting.

Make use of review extensions

Review extensions are very important for enhancing confidence and trust and it has been identified that making use of the same results in a 64% increase in clicks.

Utilize symbols

An Ad that stands out attracts more clicks and one way to ensure this is the use of symbols which enable an Ad stand out as unique.

Input main keyword in URL

A major input that can guarantee improved clicks on Ad Copy is the incorporation of the main keyword in the URL.

Understand audience

The core of an AdWords campaign is to understand the audience in terms of what they search, how they describe and how they choose their wording and capturing this is what can improve the clicks.

Perform tests

Nothing is more important to the quest of improving clicks on AdWords campaigns than performing tests that will provide feedback.

Survey website visitors

A unique strategy to ensure improved clicks on Ad copy is surveying the website visitors to understand what they need and how the same can be delivered with ease.

Call to action

Neglecting the inclusion of a call-to-action in 2017 will be detrimental to the chances of improved clicks for AdWords campaigns since it is what provides a reason to click on the Ad copy

Systematically adjust Ad Groups

Ad Groups are the core of what an AdWords campaign is all about and adjusting the same accordingly with match types is what is sure to improve clicks in 2017.

Location targeting

Many marketers have not considered the power of location targeting in Google AdWords advertising but the reality is it determines the impressions to be generated.

Structure Ad Schedule

When trying to get more AdWords clicks, structuring the AD schedule is one way of ensuring a control over the period when the Ad is live is initiated which offers more chances of the target audience getting to see the Ad and clicking on it.

Mobile optimization

Mobile Ads with call extensions will get the target audience engaged and eager to connect which is sure to increase the number of clicks on the Ad.

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