What is Google AdWords? 25 Facts


What is Google AdWords? 25 Facts   

Google AdWords is the most popular PPC platform on earth. The AdWords program lets businesses pay for only adverts on which people click. Many people use the AdWords platform. However, only a small number of people know about the interesting facts of this program.

Here are the interesting facts you probably did not know about:

1.  Google gets about 95% of all its revenue from advertising. It is a result of Google’s effort over the past few years. The functionality is offered by it CPC too, and the reliability of its search engine are what have endeared it to users and advertisers.

2.  There are over 1.2 million businesses that advertise on the Google network. The number continues to grow. It is a good indication of the reliability of the platform. You are always assured that your business will reach a few eyeballs no matter the nature of your business.

3.  YouTube, which is part of the Ad Display Network run by Google get a monthly viewership of about 10 Super Bowl stadiums packed full of people.

4.  Google controls about 68 percent of the search engine market, all the other firms that support PPC campaigns share the rest of the market.

5.  75% of all Google mobile ad revenue came from Apple devices. Thus, you can expect that Google will augment its algorithm to work better with iOS.

6.  The Click Through Rate for desktop based applications is estimated to be 11.4%. It shows there is still more that companies can do to improve this CTR.

7.  The AdWords auction runs billions of times a month. With the auction, users find ads related to what they need while advertisers connect with their customers at the lowest price.

8.  Quality score is one of the most important factors for ad rank. The usefulness of ad rank has continued to grow in the recent past with average quality score dropping to 5 from 7.

9.  The Google Display Network is a conglomeration of websites that allow Google to place ads on their sites. The ads reach over 90% of all internet users.

10.  An Ad Group is a container for landing pages, keywords, and ads. Google rewards advertisers that create well-structured ad groups. In short, your keywords should be organized into themes.

11.  Google AdWords feature a conversion optimizer. It is a tool that is used to manage bids at keyword level with the aim of achieving as many conversions as possible with a low cost per conversion.

12.  When an advertiser chooses to use the AdWords campaign to boost their business’ visibility, they can set the location where they want their advertisement to appear.

13.  Google ads do not come at a fixed price. You get the opportunity to bid on keywords which will attract your target customers to your site.

14.  Only about 50% of businesses, both big and small use the Google Analytics tool. Thus, by utilizing this too, a company could grow its organic SEO a great deal.

15.  According to Google, 99% of its top 1,000 advertisers use the Google Display Network. It indicates that it does offer good ROI.

16.  The average CTR for an ad on the GDN is 0.4%. That is four times higher than the average banner ad and ten times as high for Facebook ads in the United States.

17.  Keywords related to the finance and insurance sectors are among the most expensive on Google AdWords; they can have a CPC of as high as $50.

18.  If an advertiser is not pleased by how their ad appears on Google, they can edit it. The changes will be updated to Google within just a few minutes.

19.  Google AdWords has a 25 character limit for the title and 35 character limits for the content line of all its ads. Thus, it is important to utilize each character carefully.

20.  Paid clicks account for more than 85% of all traffic to your site. Without Google Ads, you will only get about 15% of that traffic or less organically.

21.  Over 350 million bad ads are removed from Google each year. The figure continues to rise yearly. Thus, it is important for you to ensure that you follow all the AdWords guidelines to avoid having your ad taken down for minor inconsistencies.

22.  Google serves its ads on at least 300, 000 mobile applications in the Android store. There is thus a huge potential for your apps to reach a vast number of eyeballs.

23.  Without the right-hand column, about 45.5% of all people using Google cannot tell the difference between the Google ads and the organic search results.

24.  Google rakes in about 55% of all online ad revenue in the world. This figure represents about $47.6 billion. It is expected that Google will continue to be dominant for many years to come. Google expects that a good chunk of this growth will come from mobile ad revenue.

25.  Google expects to face some ad revenue headwinds in coming days. It is because of Brexit; the UK represents about 9% of all online ad revenue collected by Google.