About Google Adwords and its benefits to your Customers in Houston Texas


About Google Adwords and its benefits to your Customers in Houston Texas

Adwords refers to Google’s advertising platform.  This platform allows business owners to advertise their products and services on Google and its affiliate networks. Adverts on this platform are placed in the form of text ads which appear on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) when people conduct a search using words or phrases related to the service or products you offer.

Google Adwords operate on a “pay per click” system, whereby you only pay for the adverts that users click on. You also have the liberty to decide where your advert will appear in a SERP, by bidding on a series of related (to your advert) phrases.

Because Adwords largely focus on keywords, businesses that intend to use this advertising platform must create ads with relevant keywords, which are likely to be used by web users when conducting searches.  In this regard, when a keyword phrase is searched the Adwords system triggers your advert to appear in the result pages, under the heading “Sponsored Links.”

How your Houston Texas-based customers benefit from Adwords?

Research indicates that about 87% of people who conduct searches online do not view the pages that follow the first one in the SERP. Also, most people will tend to scan the first few results they find related to their search. As a result, most people will simply click on these first results. As a business owner having your advert ranked at the top (in a search) can help your generate traffic to your website.  So, Adwords are beneficial for your business, but how can they help your customers?

Well, there are different types of web users who may land on your business website. There are those who will land on your site via an organic search, as they seek information concerning your products. And then, there are those who will land on your page via Google Adwords. The latter group of visitors is the kind that you want for your business, as these are targeted leads which can be transformed into actual sales, because they clicked on your advert because of an interest or need for that product or service.

The visitors, who clicked on your advert because they were interested in buying a product or service, are more likely to purchase that product or service immediately or in the near feature, hence one benefit of Adwords is that it allows your potential customers to be able to locate your business quickly and conveniently.  This is actually more effective, with the use of Adwords Location targeting feature, where by your ads target local web users.

Another benefit of Adwords to your customers is that they can also easily and physically find your business in Houston Texas (Location) without much hustle. This is possible when you combine Google Places and Adwords, whereby you can show a map of your brick-and-mortar shop alongside your ads; hence, making it easy for your customers to locate you.

In addition, Adwords make it easy for your customers to connect to you. You can use Adwords extensions to share your contact details along with your ad, so your customers can conveniently get your contact information when they need it without having to follow too many page redirects.

Google Adwords present one of the best platforms for both local and non-local business to reach their prospective customers. While this platform is highly beneficial to the business, it also holds some benefits for potential customers.