Google AdWords – An overview of How They Work and why Businesses Should Use Them


Google AdWords – An overview of How They Work and why Businesses Should Use Them

Because so much business is conducted on the Internet these days and so many consumers spend both the personal and business time browsing the Internet for various purposes,  many companies have combined their traditional marketing and advertising efforts with digital marketing and advertising efforts.  Digital advertising has evolved over the years, where as now, if a business that wants to stay in the forefront and before potential customers, they must do so in both a traditional and digital manner. The use of Adwords is just one of the ways that companies take advantage of digital advertising mechanisms through online media platforms.

Overview of Google Adwords 

Google provides an advertising service referred to as Google Adwords, that is designed for companies that want to provide ads through the Google platform and through the Google advertising network to do so, while attracting a targeted audience and building traffic to their site; thus increasing sales.

How Google Adwords Work

This particular type of advertising or Google Adwords program, allows businesses to develop an advertising budget that they set based on various internal factors. However, they only have to pay for the ads if they are clicked by the viewers.

The majority of the ads are centered around keywords or SEO, (search engine optimization.). The way it works is that, when consumers, B2C or B2B, search the web using specific keywords, the ads previously purchased by advertisers is triggered. When the advertisers create ads, they create them in such a way that are based on what people are searching for anyway. When ever a keyword is entered, the Adword appear either at the top of the search results or under a heading called “Sponsored Links.”  The “Sponsored Links” appear on the right-hand side of the search results.

 Additionally, advertisers should bear in mind that when they are choosing the keywords that are most suitable for their ad campaigns, they can choose between four different keyword matching options which consist of the following below:

1. The Broad Match

2. The Negative Match

3.  The Phrase Match and

4. The Exact Match

The Broad Match

The broad match is designed to reach the most dealers. This is done by along when your aunt to be shown when ever your designated keyword search for

The Negative Match

The negative match option prevents and advertisers ad from being shown when ever a specific word or phrase is been searched for. This allows appetizers to have more control over they are ants are associated with specific words or phrases.

The Phrase Match

The Phrase match option result in your ad only appearing when the exact phrase is used that is associated with your ad. In other words your ad only appears during searches with your exact phrase.

The Exact Match

Similar to the Phrase Match option, the Exact Match option results in your ad being shown during searches that exclusively matches the exact phrase.

Lastly the use of keywords are also associated with a cost per click bid amount. What that means is that each bid determines the maximum amount of money that you are willing to spend every time your ad is clicked.

Google also has a tool that allows you to research a variety of different suggested keywords for each ad group that you develop. They are also some words and phrases that are more optimized than others which, when used, these so-called target keywords are even more beneficial for your ad group campaigns. So basically research is the key here, performing adequately search for you select your final keywords will allow you to tap into the words and phrases that customers use the most when searching for your product or service. Google’s keyword planner practically does this work for you.

Why businesses should use Google Adwords

Businesses should use the Google Adwords because it helps them to reach their customer a lot faster. It basically shortens the sales funnel, putting customers that much closer to making a purchase. Since many people look to the Internet to answer questions and point them in the right direction, the use of Google Adwords allows customers to be pointed in the right direction when they are in need of a product or service similar to the ones that you offer.  So if you have Google Adwords, it will point them right to the product or service that you provide.

This well-developed marketing strategy helps your ad that you’ve invested in become exposed to your target market whenever they search for your specific product or service. Additionally the use of Google Adwords also enables you to show your customers your basic contact information as well as your brick and mortar, physical location if you have one.

Basically the use of Adwords makes it easier for customers to find you and connect with you. And we all know that the easier it is to be found, the faster the company can make a sale.

One final note about the benefits of using Google Adwords is it allows advertisers to follow their customers by retargeting them. What that means is that once the customer has visited your site, your ads can be retargeted to follow them on various Google display network’s. Even though retargeting cost a little more, it has been known to increase sales as it keeps your product before the eyes of your customers.