Google Mobile Certified: Why it is important


 Google Mobile Certified: Why it is important 

There is a constantly growing number of Smartphone and tablet users, with completely different consumer behavior and trends. There are more people currently using mobile devices to conveniently search for products they need via their mobile phones than ever before.  In fact, Google announced that majority of its searches take place on mobile devices (May 2015) as opposed to computers. In this regard, it is a fact that the mobile phone platform presents a huge opportunity for businesses to reach their potential consumers and eventually grow.

To be able to reach and eventually turn this group of mobile users into your customers, you should know how to effectively use the mobile platform for mobile advertising purposes. For instance, did you know that there are four basic categories of mobile ads, namely text ads, mobile app promotional ads, image ads and call-only ads?  Well, if you did not know then there is a need to enroll for the Google mobile certification program and gain the following:

Transform Your Business

Mobile phones provide an opportunity for consumers to conveniently seek and find the products and services they need when they need them. It is therefore, important for your business to provide in-the-moment and relevant ads to this group of potential consumers.

You can also use mobile ads (advertisements) to reach a more targeted audience. For instance, if you operate a local restaurant or grocery store your ads could show up whenever someone within your locality searches for the commodities you offer, therefore targeting the local mobile users. The proper use of mobile ads and applications (apps) can help transform your business, hence the need to get a Google Mobile Certification.

Learn the ins and outs of Mobile marketing

By undertaking a Google mobile certification program you will learn the ins and outs of mobile marketing and advertising. For instance, at what time of day is mobile usage highest among your target audience? Or how can you convert a “search” into a sale? This and more, which will be offered by the program is highly beneficial in helping you attain success through the use of the mobile platform.

Get answers to your questions

As a business owner you probably have some questions about the mobile platform. These questions can be addressed through a certification program. For instance, “what is the difference between using apps as a marketing tool as opposed to mobile ads, and what are the benefits of each? “ well, generally apps present a better forum to retain and engage your target audience when compared to ads, thus breeds loyalty among your target group. This is just one of the question and answer, you could be having more questions, and they can all be sufficiently answered through the mobile certification program.

The current world is a multi-screen one, with smart shoppers using smart devices. To reach this group of consumers you also have to conduct “smart advertising” and use “smart business practices.” Becoming Google mobile certified can impact you with the knowledge and skills you need to make these “smart choices.”