Google Vs Bing – What is the Best Search Engine


Google Vs Bing – What is the Best Search Engine 

In recent years, a debate about Google and Bing has been brewing silently. Space once purely dominated by Google has had to be broken into various constituents shared among new market players like Bing and Yahoo. The focus though has really been on Microsoft’s Bing which is giving Google a run for its money lately. Although they came into the market more than ten years after Google did, they have earned themselves quite an impressive amount of following-almost 30% of all internet users in America prefer Bing to Google. So the big question is which is the better of the two? Is Google better than Bing?

I personally have been a fan of Google- partly because it was the search engine that was in operation when I discovered the internet and partly because I find it really awesome. I have made quite some money from Google as well and it therefore is easy to see why it is a personal favourite. Although Bing’s sparks of brilliance and innovation threatened to steal my heart a year or so ago, Google’s depth and satisfactory results ensured that I stayed rooted to it. To help settle the debate, today we want to compare the two search engines before we can make the verdict and settle the debate once and for all. Here are 12 comparisons between Google and Bing

1. Quality of the results delivered 

The first point of comparison has got to be the quality of results offered by either. I think Google rules here. They offer more relevant results and the content they prioritize has the required depth and quality that most people crave for. Bing on the other hand delivers quality results as well but they lack the depth and relevance needed. So, Google draws first blood in this battle.

 2. Algorithms 

The search algorithms are the formulas and metrics used by a search engine to rank content and provide results to a certain query sought by a user. The search algorithms used by Bing and Google tend to differ significantly. Although on the surface the guidelines and algorithms are almost similar, each of the two has tweaked the internal code for a significant variation. They tinker with their algorithms to give priority to certain parameters that favour their working. Google rules here once again

3. Design 

The other difference that we can’t omit is the design. The interfaces are all very different. Google’s homepage is almost blank and the entire space is dominated by the logo and the search input box. The logo also changes constantly to commemorate important dates in the world. Bing’s interface on the other hand is a little different. On the home page for example, a high resolution image that changes daily dominates the page. The search query also takes up a lot of real estate but there are tabs below it showing the trending news and an explanation to what the high resolution image means. If you really love fancy features and colourful interfaces, then Bing will do for you.

4. Multimedia Search

When it comes to multimedia searches, Bing is miles ahead of Google and it is easy to see why. See Google is basically built from simple HTML which is more of a text code and tends to exclude other media forms like images and videos out. Bing on the other hand is built from HTML5 which offers room for other media forms and is a lot more flexible in the way coders can include content in their sites. Bing isn’t too badly after all it seems.

5. Backlinks Preference 

Google has a favours backlinks more than Bing and it is more than widely known today. Most experts and online marketers will point this out if you asked them. Bing doesn’t regard backlinks as much. They prefer Meta descriptions and anchor texts instead of backlinks. Considering that backlinks can help you earn traffic and improve your quality score, they are worth considering. Google takes it in this department.

6. Uniqueness and creativity 

Google really highly regards unique and creative content. They actually will award you a higher ranking because of producing quality content with a unique touch. Bing on the other hand really has zero regard for creativity and uniqueness. They offer very little room for tweaking and adding creativity to work and their results are basically based on the keywords and are more direct therefore. Google wins here once again.

7. Updated and fresh content 

Google is king in this department. Google always requires its users to update their content always. They regard fresh content so much. They look at fresh and regular content as a sign of web activity while Bing on the other hand prefers established content which has received a lot of attention and traffic. They don’t care about the duration of the content so long as it is established enough to drive traffic to your page, they will highly regard the same. Google outshines Bing once again.

8. Mobile integration 

Google has been on the frontline to bring a good user experience on all mobile devices as far as search is concerned. They appreciate the fact that most users access the internet on their mobile devices and braced themselves for it. They optimized their services to offer a better mobile experience than Bing! They actually are the default search service company in most mobile devices including on IOS which means that by default they have a very large following. Google seems to be running away with it now.

9. Social media integration 

When you take a closer look at the organic results you get from the two search engines, you can’t help but realize that Bing has accomplished Social media integration. Bing has successfully integrated Facebook into its search engine and you can get results and reviews based on what people on Facebook think. Google on the other hand prefers Google+ and hasn’t taken necessary steps to include the likes of Facebook in its searches. Bing is slowly clawing its way back into this contest.

10. Metrics used to rank content  

It is believed that the bots responsible for scanning content to ascertain the relevance and quality of content in Bing, are more than lenient. They actually don’t scan the entire content. They only consider the first few paragraphs of the content in search of the said keyword. Google on the other hand thoroughly scan through all the content before making a decision on the ranking the content deserves. The results of this is that the content resulting from Google searches has good depth is of unmatched quality. This is almost entirely what you want from a search engine.

11. Speed 

Google pays special attention. They know that speed improves the overall user experience. They therefore ensure that the time spent between typing in a query in their homepage and landing on appropriate result is as short as possible. Bing on the other hand tends to lag and it takes longer to get required results. This is attributed to too many images and bugs in their systems. They need to improve on this and cut on the unnecessary load that causes the page to load for too long.

12. Verdict 

Google is king and Bing still has a long way to go before it can go head to head with Google.