Gotta catch ’em all: Pokémon Go is boosting business


Gotta catch ’em all: Pokémon Go is boosting business

Any Android device can download the Pokémon Go app from the Google Play application store. This game’s calling card dubbed the “augmented reality, ” overlays its content onto the real-life situations through the camera of a smartphone. Pokémon can show up in any area, and when it does, it spends a few minutes at the same spot, prompting a group of people to crowd a particular location for the same duration.  Probably, they congregate around that spot when they find a unique Pokémon.This game is only a few weeks old since its launch, but the num

ber of people playing is remarkable and surges from time to time.
Some examples of how people play Pokémon include the cases of Mohnton’s Davis Cameron, 19, and Reading’s Stednitz Caine, 23 who played it at Centennial Park on July 12, 2016. The latter said that the game forced him to tour the landmarks he had wished and planned to visit, while Cameron rejoiced reaching the 26-kilometer mark using it.

Playing Pokémon Go requires one to use a map to his/her character walking around to various locations. In the case of Centennial Park, many people seemed to enjoy the hot, sunny weather, moving along the sidewalks downtown, staring at their phones to direct their characters and find rare Pokémon. While one might predict the downfall of this game, claiming that people are just excited about its newness; Pokémon Go has so many features that it cannot disappear in the coming months. Many people use it for a compass direction, and the urge to find locations will spur them to use for a long time.

Sanchez Kizzy, the museum’s spokeswoman, stated that she finds the response of their clients to using Pokémon Go astounding, with a high number of “Pokémon Trainers” visiting the museum within the past few days. It has extended its features to include video, films, comics, games and card games, among others. One of the latest discoveries in the games is that the players discovered another Gym at the Pentagon, and the Pokémon assigned to protect it referred to as the “sleeping or pudgy Snorlax.”  The Gym also has many Poke Stops. The users’ plea for an update might also come to an end as Niantic – the developer of the game – has heeded to that quest by coming up with the first ever Update for the “Pokémon Go” App. It takes just a few seconds to your Pokémon Go upgraded to the newest version.Niantic stated that the company’s reluctance to develop the update was due to the concern that some of the Pokémon Go’s way points exist in geographically riskier locations than others.

The popularity of this game increases with time, and its fans from Japan and other parts of the Asian continent are the latest people to play it. In essence, the features of Pokémon make it a suitable tool for business. Usually, owners of enterprises such as bars, restaurants, hotels, and cafes use this game to lure customers their premises of work. They purchase an in-game ‘lure modules’ which they use to attract customers to their locations. This process increases the number of Pokémon players who are likely to become the business’s customers. With this approach, the company can lure guaranteed clients for about one dollar for an hour. Many Pokémon foot traffics likely to move towards the business as it is located either on a stop or close to a gym.

One of the businesses that have used this game in a successful way is the L’inizio Pizza Bar – a New York’s pizzeria. The New York Post stated that the Bar’s manager, Benedetti Sean, increased its sales by an overwhelming 75 percent in just one weekend after spending $10 on a dozen set of Pokémon lure modules. He told the Post that people came to the bar for beers after tracing the location using Pokémon Go and continued playing the game while taking their beers.