Guttulus is a Main Hobby Now



Guttulus started as a SEO joke.  In the past it was a hobby secondary to all my other hobbies: Lion YouTube Channel, volunteering, convention going, comics, and tutoring.  I now understand… Guttulus is the only hobby that can advance my professional skill sets.  I need to commit time and effort to develop an actual PPC Houston learning channel.  That’s the value I can add to the community and how I can show off my expertise.

Guttulus is a species of cat… I figured it would be funny for me to SEO the keyword…  And I did.  My website, twitter, and instagram (sometimes) ranks 1,2,3.  My Facebook and YouTube are within the first page.  Eventually I will rank them 1,2,3,4,5.  I haven’t given my Facebook or YouTube much attention.  That’s going to change soon.

I’ve spent money into the channel… but far less than I’ve spent going to conventions, playing a cardboard game, and my Lion YouTube channel.  And I’ve spent time into the channel… but far less than the time volunteering or tutoring.  I used to come home so exhausted from work, volunteering, or tutoring.  I see the path clearly.  Guttulus needs to evolve as I evolve.  I’m rededicating myself to this often misaligned project.  To get to the point I want to get to… I need to make sacrifices.