Halloween was a lot of Fun



Halloween this year was super fun.  My lawn care person didn’t come since it was flooding.  I sent my parents to the airport.  It was flooding.  Which is fine… but… I almost got stuck.  The rain was coming down heavy that day.  Went to a party, came back to pass out candy, and went to a second late night party.  Got back really late to film all my youtube videos.  Did an awful job editing them…. oh iMovie…  I’m still a novice.  I need to watch a few youtube videos about managing it.  There’s a lot of features I didn’t know about until recently.

I didn’t expect Saturday or really… it was Sunday morning to be as productive.  It helped me just relax on Sunday.  Take a light nap and then watch television for the entire day.  Which was nice… Now the baseball game is over and it’s 11:39… so probably another 2 hours of productivity left today.  I’d love to get some swift 2.0 learning out of the way… but we will see.  Hoping to finish out this blog today and wait until Friday to begin buffering.

This blog out I’ll try my best to write longer entries.  It’s hard when you write 5…  writing 1 a day is key.

My schedule will get back to normal now that the parents are back in Hong Kong and my friends are back in NYC.  The next real conglomeration of friends and family is in Mid-December.  That gives me about 45 days to crunch down on sales and this whole marketing thing.

I guess… what I’m feeling right now is relief I can go back to grinding out long nights.  It will be a nice change to get back to my daily routine.  It’s been… let me count… probably 3 weeks since my routine has been tinkered with.  Now that all the family and friends are gone…

The only thing is I need to finish Halo 5 fast… and possibly not open Assassin’s creed until much later…  if I can somehow not open it until Thanksgiving that would be great for my productivity.

Overall I had a great Halloween this year.  And I was able to reset so I can crunch down.  I completed a lot of random errands… including giving my cat a flea bath which resulted in several scratches and pee everywhere..  My cat is a nightmare of sorts…  He really doesn’t like water.  I’d choose not to give him a bath… but he keeps scratching his left ear. And he’s old enough for a bath now.  He’s still very upset….

Not only did he pee everywhere… and leave 5 long… scratch marks, he is now angry.  And I have to repeat this process next month.  I may just get the non-bath medicine.  The one you put on the cat’s neck.  Although… the flea medicine which has oatmeal… like seriously?….  was expensive and I still have most of the bottle left.  I’m not sure why I’m justifying not buying the non-bath flea medicine.  I have to get it.