Have You Ever Been So Hungry It keeps you Awake?



Famished.  I know my current skill set can do great things.  I need to add a few skills… mainly development and sales. I prefer sales over development… but I’m fully aware a ppc developer is something of a unicorn.  Imagine a ppc developer who was great sales… and was also a patent attorney.  That’s an incredible skill set.  And I can speak Mandarin fluently.  And I’m a great teacher.  And good at business… at least auditing them.  My jobs have been so random in the past.  My first job in Houston taught me how to run a business efficiently with low expenses/overhead and high margins.  My second job taught me very little… but it did introduce me to the field of marketing where I learned a lot.

It’s hard to explain my hunger to other people. It’s not that I’m more hungry… it’s just that my hunger is of a different nature.  I would assume most hunger is money driven.  And people behave based on needing money.  My hunger is more of a fame based… but of a particular niche.  I want to be the best in whatever I choose to do in life.  I can’t stand being second best…  I never could.  If I decide I want to do PPC… I want to be the best I can be.  It’s not a competition with other people.  I honestly don’t understand the emotion of envy.  When people explain it to me… it doesn’t make sense.

I want to be the best, because I’m curious.  I’m curious to see how far I can go.  That’s what interest me.  Nothing else really does.  I wanted to see how high I can rise in the various fields.  I’m pretty good at patents… Chinese PCTs were my speciality.  Those are among the most profit and in demand.  A scenario could have been I did patents the rest of my life and became very good at that.  But how many patent lawyers are famous.  They barely have a dozen followers normally.

At some point I realized what I desired.  It was honestly simple.  I want to be the best I could in a field and prove it to myself.  Marketing is that field since the entire industry focuses on your pull.  You can measure it via Klout score… or any of the other tools that exist.  It allows you to track your progress…. and that’s interesting to me.  At all times I know when I’m being lazy or when I’m not hitting my goals.

If I fail at marketing, I have no one to blame but me.  So I won’t fail…. haha.  All those late night coding sessions will pay off.  I’m certain of it.