Hello 3AM Again

150 150 tony

Well today was eventful.  I woke up at 7 to feed the cats and get ready for tutoring.  I prepare a lesson before heading off.  The student lived relatively far away but I always try to get there early. Tutoring went well.  And 3.75 hours later it was over and it was time to go shopping for food.

I’m a pretty bad shopper.  I went to Sam’s Club to buy seafood and somehow spent $180+ on a food cart 1/3 the size of the person in front of me who spent $70.  I would love to say it comes down to quality, but that’s not really it.  Someone how in a week I can go through $180 of food.  It doesn’t make too much sense since I eat out a lot.

I returned home exhausted so I took a cat nap.  Woke up and started on video production for my hobby channel which is uploading as we speak.  Tomorrow will be a crazy day as well.

I have 7 more videos to shoot about books I like and hopefully 7 more videos about PPC.  And a PPC cheat sheet.  Although I do have tutoring from 1pm until 5pm.  I’m literally more busy on weekends than I am on weekdays.  But good busy.  I think.

I only wish I had a little bit of time to read all those books I purchased.  Oh also Laundry and Dishes and other real  people things need to be taken care of.

But next weekend I think I have all the evenings off from volunteering and tutoring.  Which is nice.  And I won’t need to worry about weekend video production.  It’s funny that my weekends are far more busy than my weekdays.