High-End Careers (NO DEGREE REQUIRED) 

Though a bachelor’s degree does have its merit, it also has its costs and not everyone can afford it. If you are one such person considering which career path to take, you should not worry: there are more than enough High-end jobs that can be your ticket to a comfortable life and success. Consider the 25 high-end careers below that require no degree.

Business person

It is a known fact that most of the famous business moguls are college dropouts – meaning that, essentially, they do not have a college education. For this reason, business, or rather, entrepreneurship, stands out as one of the best degree-free career paths.

Personal stylist

If you have a knack for stylish dressing and you know your fashion, you can become a personal stylist. All you have to do is build a reputation and soon, you will be dressing prominent figures.

SEO marketer

SEO is still relatively new and getting into the field does not require college education but passion and willingness to learn. If you can establish yourself as an authority in the sector, you can earn handsome returns.

Freelance writer

Work mainly involves copywriting and journalistic writing. If you can manage to climb the ranks, you can easily be employed as a contributor in mainstream media.

Sales person

On the field, face to face sales work requires no degree but skill. As long as you can move product, you will earn good money.

Electrical technician

Involves design, calibration, and mending of electrical appliances. To be an electrical technician, you will require an associate degree, however.

Real-estate broker

Involves facilitating property transactions after which you get your cut. You can go solo or be employed by an agency. Only sales prowess and a high-school diploma are needed.

Hair stylist

Training is on-the-job but with passion, you will catch on fast. Most salon owners are only concerned with the quality of your work

Procurement Officer

Involves facilitating purchase of machinery and equipment and requires a high-school diploma. However, some procurement gigs require higher education.


It involves developing apps, programs and the like. Again, all that matters is your skill, and you can learn from web resources.

Computer network support

You will be tasked with troubleshooting and maintaining computer systems. It requires an associate degree.

Construction supervisors

As the name suggests, you will be responsible for supervising construction workers in building sites to ensure efficiency and security. A high school diploma is required.


You will be in charge of auctions. A high school diploma is needed in addition to excellent public speaking skills.

Gas refinery controller

You will be responsible for processing gas for various firms as well as regulating pipeline pressures and facilitating the operations of a gas refinery. A high school diploma is needed, and you can learn on-the-job.

Online advertising manager

You will be tasked with managing client’s advertising campaigns and yearly salary ranges between $85,000 and $90,000.

Dental hygienist

If you have an interest in the medical industry, being a dental hygienist is a feasible career. You will be responsible for fostering good dental hygiene.

Web designer and developer

Success in web design will depend on the quality of your work. To start off, you can learn the related skills online or via a mentor. As long as you can deliver, you will get a job.


Secretarial work requires a high school diploma. However, the salary is below $50,000 per year.

Paralegal Assistant

If your heart lies in the legal sector, being a paralegal assistant is the best job you can get in the industry that requires no degree with an annual salary of around $45,000.

Heating and cooling systems mechanic

If you like mechanical work, you can become a heating and cooling systems mechanic. Work involves repairing refrigerators, boilers, etc.

Executive Assistant

An executive assistants job varies depending on the firm, but generally, it includes record keeping, organizing meetings, managing the office, etc.


Involves doing ground survey work and requires an associate degree. The annual income is around $55,000.

Insurance agent

You have to sell insurance policies after which you get paid via commissions. You may go solo, be employed in an agency or simply be referring clients to brokers.

Makeup artist/cosmetologist

It is skill based, and you will require someone to teach you. Success will depend on the quality of your work. You may need a high school diploma.

Tax collector

You will be responsible for collecting taxes as per the set regulations. Average annual salary is around $50,000.

As is evident, lack of a college degree does not amount to inability in the job market. All you have to do is choose a career path you feel suits you and commit to it. With passion and dedication, you will certainly achieve success.